A Weekend Alone

I figured having a weekend alone, I would be inspired to post pictures, write thoughtful blog posts, and just enjoy the fact I have no real commitments for the weekend – no one pulling me one direction or another.

Instead, I have posted no pictures, written nothing, but I have enjoyed not feeling pulled in one direction or another.  Granted, I think that the fact I spent yesterday recovering from a sex hangover played into it.

So, what have I done.

Friday night, SG came over for an overnight play date. We were supposed to get together earlier in the evening, but one of his kids had an athletic event that ran long.  I have learned if one of his kids has an athletic event that he is not good at estimating the length of it as well as his kid’s ability to do well during it.  6-ish became 9-ish.  I was happy for his kid though.  I love seeing kids do well – and his was definitely doing well Friday night.  He showed up and fun was had.  I have marks to prove it – and other sore spots that definitely remind me of this or that during our time together.

I always, ALWAYS, forget an important thing about SG – he does not sleep.  People refer to me as a night owl – but he can put even me to shame.  I think he told me he gets 4-5hrs of sleep a night.  This meant Emmy got maybe 4hrs total of sleep – maybe.  He had to work Saturday morning, so he was up and out of here early.

Saturday, I got my hair re-dyed.  It had grown about 3-4inches since last time, and it was starting to bug me. Thankfully my hair is naturally a color that I think I was the only one who noticed. G has been bugging me to go a bit redder this time.  After some consultation with the stylist, I did got a shade darker.  It looks awesome.

Given how my hair is (long and all one length), I usually don’t pay much attention to who cuts it.  I mean, if they can cut it straight (a hard task for some I’ve gone to over the years), they are good enough for me.  This stylist is actually great.  First off, she is a pretty decent colorist.  Turns out the shade it should. She knows how to mix in some natural to keep it looking the right way.  She is also fast and thorough. I hate those who talk more than they do your hair.  I get that some people like it, but I just don’t do that much small talk with people I don’t know.  Oh, and my favorite thing – the way she washes my hair. I LOVE having someone else wash my hair. She washes it and gives a scalp and upper neck massage while doing it.  Awesome! Except I wanted to fall asleep while doing it. The night before catching up with me.

I spent the rest of the day kind of puttering. Did my 5miles on the elliptical.  Wound the rest of my dyed yarn. Finished one knitting project and started another while starting to watch Eureka on Netflix. (A pretty funny show to be honest.)  Then I passed out early and slept for 12hrs.   It was heaven.  Sleep.

Today will me more of the same until the family gets home. SG is working in the area again today, so I may see him if it wraps up early.  If not, it’ll be football and more knitting of Christmas presents.

It has been nice having the downtime. And G and the girls have had a good weekend in San Diego. Sounds like it was good for all.

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  1. Having time alone in the house is awesome. However when I have it, I am usually busy organizing stuff.

    I would love to see the new ‘do.

    Glad you had a fun weekend.

  2. Hubman says:

    I’ve done the same thing, gotten all ambitious about how to spend some down time, only to accomplish a fraction of it. And not caring in the least!

    I’m glad you had fun, with and without SG

  3. I’m confused. SG & G are two diff people right?
    G is the man you are with and SG is one you ahve fun with? Oh, so confusing, so plz clear this up for me so I can be an informed reader.

  4. Emmy says:

    I have fun with both G and SG – just different kinds. G is who I am married to. SG is a friend and play mate.

  5. Vixen says:

    I often have the same thoughts when I get some time to myself. But it usually results in the sam way yours did….. But I still walk away happy. 😉

    I’m glad you had a good wkend with SG.

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