A Tuesday Brain Dump

Yesterday, at work, I spent all day looking for training manuals.  After telling the company who was supposed to send them to me that they had screwed up, I found them. Apparently, they were sent to the wrong person. The person who received them saw what they were, didn’t know why they would need them, but gave them out anyway.  Yeah, cause that’s what you do – you keep what isn’t yours.  After spending all day running between floors 6, 7. and 3 trying to find them, I found them and gave them to their rightful owner. Then sent a note of apology to the company.  I hate being wrong. I hate it more when people are dorks and claim what is not theirs.

DJ was supposed to interview me about my job for class last night. When she asked me what I did for a living, I explained that I herd cats.  She chuckled then said “seriously Moe, what do you do.” So I explained that I herd cats. I get people to do what they don’t want to do. I get them to do what they need to do despite their objections. just like a cat – trying to get the cat to do something they don’t want to do.  It’s continual – it’s annoying – it’s the right thing.

Then she asked me if a monitor was important to which I replied – only if you want to see what the computer has to tell you. She laughed until she thought about it – then she agreed.

Because I almost had a math degree, I appreciated this video – a neat way of explaining a math concept. What can I say, I’m a geek:

Vi Hart – the woman who did this – has kind of an interesting site – assuming you are a geek like me.

I read somewhere today that people have a low libido during the winter. Hmm….guess my body never got that message because mine is just fine thanks.  That can’t just be me, right? Or maybe it is simply how I know my next month is going to go that is resulting in my libido being just fine thanks. Anyone else?

I am still trying to sort out my upcoming weekend.  G and the girls are going out of town this weekend. His grandmother has her 97th birthday this weekend – so G has decided to take the girls down to see her.  I expected him to go but did not realize until he sent me the itinerary that he was taking the girls too.  So, I am having some fun Friday night with SG. Saturday I’m getting my hair re-dyed. Then I’m all alone.  I’m sure my schedule will fill up.  Just have to see.

My grandma used to buy me a whole bag of black jelly beans when I was young.  Everyone has always been disgusted by that because they were always picking the black ones out and discarding them.  I have never encountered anyone that sought them out.  I comments a week ago that I was eating black jelly beans – that my mouth had gone numb.  I had several people pipe up that they are the best.  I started noticing a trend in the comments.  I had never really met people who liked them like I did until that comment.  I tested my theory  and found that those who really get me like black jelly beans like me.  Coincidence? I think not.

Happy Tuesday to you!

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  1. I just want to start by saying that you inspire me. None of that stupid stuff but rather that you are able to work out an open marriage. My husband and I choose to live this way and are always told it will never work, can never work. We seem to do it and its just nice to know everyday that ill read a little something from someone that is also making it work.

    The actual purpose of this comments was to say that i too like black jelly beans. Now I am going to have to go find some.


  2. I thought winter was the time to get it on. With it being cold and all. Hmm I never got that memo either. Happy Humping.

  3. waywardrider says:

    Yup, love me some black jelly beans… and double salt licorice, and anise, and… you get the idea 😉

    I’ll have to investigate your theory that the people who like black jellies are people who get you. Not sold though, as my wife gets me but can’t stand black licorice anything (which is fine since I get hers).

  4. bikinfool says:

    Eeew too the black jellies. But that Vi Hart video was really, really good. Might just have to go check out her site (later, when I’m not at work . . .)

  5. Vixen says:

    You are weird. And I like you. 😉

    I love the black jelly beans too. And red. They are the only ones I would eat (but I honestly can’t remember the last time I ate jelly beans…).

    My libido doesn’t go down per se…but it’s def not the same at it is in the summer. But I think that is bc I LOVE LOVE LOVE the extended days, hot weather…..

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