Weird Emmy Fact Wednesday

1. I can’t hear people in loud or noisy situations. So I will always nod and agree. Even though I have no idea what is being asked or said.

2. Our yellow lab would sleep in our bed if G would allow it.

3. I hate to wear socks. Even if it is cold. And if I wear them, I’ll take them off and be barefoot in the house. G used to joke when I was pregnant cooking that it was just where he wanted me – barefoot and in the kitchen. Go ahead and roll your eyes. I did.

4. I am a chocoholic – but am a dark, DARK chocoholic.

5. I love art. And while some would believe I am an admirer of photographers, I actually love painters. Artemisia Gentileschi – a female Italian baroque painter. Diego Velázquez – a Spanish painter. Henri Mattise – are just a few. I took an art history class and 2 art classes in college which furthered my love for it.

6. I read books at least 4 times. The first time is for the story line. The second is for the characters. The third is for the details. And the fourth to see what I missed. It is funny to see DJ emulate the same behavior without my teaching it to her.

7. Thanksgiving in my family was always the time to see if they could get whatever I was drinking to shoot from my nose. I’m easily amused. What can I say. And this tradition goes back more years than I can count. I have not drank anything while sitting at the dinner table for Thanksgiving since I was about 10, I think.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. DCHY says:

    I have SAID that – “My wife is pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, exactly where I want her.” I didn’t roll my eyes at that. LOL (Nodding)

  2. Sa says:

    My love for Gentileschi knows no limit…So happy tp know you love her too…

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    Numbers 1 (SO frustrating!!), 3, 4 (YUM), and 6… totally with you.

    #6 drives my hubby batty… but then I get to remind him that I’ve just sat through his current (usually weird) music obsession for the umpteenth time that week. So there. I need to buy him some new headphones…

    Great post!

  4. I do the same as you in #1. It’s come around to bite me though when the person asked more questions about whatever it was.

    And YES to dark chocolate. Lindt 85% is a personal favorite. 🙂

    And if you can find these:

    I recommend the peppermint in dark chocolate and the almonds & sea salt in dark chocolate.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. One is such a problem for me. And since the kids are always talking together to me with the TV on I am sure I promised someone a pony.

  6. Autumn says:

    i really enjoyed reading all of these facts about you. very cool. i also love to read books several times for the same reasons.

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