Sneaking in for Fun

Before he left, he told me to have fun. Play. Enjoy.

This was the first time he had done that when he has left. It really is a testament to how far things have come in our open relationship.

I got a message on Facebook of all places from SG’s wife offering up her husband one night, giving me two different nights as options.I chose one night, and we made plans.He left his house after his kids went to bed and got her well after my own were asleep.For the second time in a week, someone snuck in the house quietly late at night.

I always go back and forth about playing solo with the kids in the house. Our bedroom is perfect for this sneaking though. The kids are upstairs. Our headboard is near the stairs, so I can hear footsteps from the kids above. And we have a door at the bottom of the stairs. All was put in place to let me play.Oh, and SG’s wife told him to keep it quiet.

I let him into the house, locked the door, then found myself pressed against it as he kissed me hello.I was only in a bathrobe having taken a shower earlier, and he slid a hand underneath to discover I was bare.

We went into the bedroom, shut the door, then slid something under the door knob to keep it ‘locked’. Our clothes came off, and I was on the bed with him between my legs.I assumed he wanted me to cum, since it was going to be a less intense night. Little did I realize that he was doing it to make things more difficult later.

He crawled up my body and focused on my nipples for a while – tugging on them and suck on them hard.While he did that, he continued to play with my pussy and clit. He left me suddenly and grabbed his bag which he tossed next to us. Out of it, he pulled out several cords which he created slip knots on the end of and slid over each nipple. Then tightened them down. Then he tied my breasts into a makeshift chest harness. I thought he was done until he asked: “I want to try something. Care to let me?” He then pulled out his small long tailed whip – a toy I had not seen before. It had several long suede tails which he started lightly dragging across my nipples, pussy and body as he waited for my answer. Not like he needed to as I rarely so no to him. I told him I was game, and he started gently smacking me nipples and pussy & intermixing it with dragging the tails over them. The first time he got in a good one to my pussy, I jumped. I hadn’t expected it – but I did like it.It was driving me crazy not being able to really make any noise. Not having that as an outlet for that pleasure/pain was not easy. He asked me, rather amused at my struggle, if I liked it. I told him I did but explained not being able to make noise was driving me crazy. This of course encouraged him to give me a few good whacks with it.He finally shifted around so that I could suck his cock while he did it.His attempt to keep me quiet as he took it up a notch or three as he continued to assault me with it.He paused after a particularly hard set of strikes and asked me if I wanted more. A bit more was my response – and he gave me that and more.When he was done, my pussy was hot and sensitive.

At that point, I felt every welt he had given my pussy and my inner thighs.Of course, that drove him on. He got close, but slowed down to drag it out – not ready for it to end. Instead, he grabbed the ends of each cord that was around each nipple and tied the other end to my legs making it so that if I moved my legs, I would tighten and pull my nipples. He is quite the creative in how he does this …. even if it does fuck with me.

After getting this rigged up, he continued to fuck me hard which tightened them regardless of what I did Then he would pull me close to him – holding me tight as he rocked in and out of my body – forcing them to pull more.He would ask periodically if it was getting too tight – then he would adjust them to be tighter if I said no. He got close, then paused to untie the ends from my legs. Relief – I thought. Until he handed me the ends.“Pull them hard if you want me to cum” was his command. He discovered last time how quickly doing this to me would send him over the edge.So in my hands, I had the tools to let me both torture myself but get him off ….. so I used it – and made him cum faster than he thought he would.

We had a couple more rounds. One an hour later when he was sleeping and I was not ready yet. I started stroking his cock as I was curled up in his arms. He woke up and fucked me hard with his hand around my throat.

My alarm went off extremely early. And he left in the dark like he came.
No one was any wiser.

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  1. That sounds like a fun night! I am glad you got some quality play in.

  2. Joker_SATX says:


    Very happy for you! And I agree, sneaking in is a lot of fun!

  3. Nothing like some sneaky sex to make it more exciting. Sure sounded like a hot time.


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