NOW it can start….

What can start?

The Christmas holiday madness.

I know, I know….it already started despite many people’s objections. But I have been trying, my best, to ignore it.

For example, egg nog is great. But I have not had even an egg nog latte out of pure protest. It isn’t time yet. But now, now it is.

The only place I do break my own rule about Christmas is in the gift arena. I buy gifts as I find them. In fact, if my kids were more astute, they would realize how many boxes under my bed and in the top of my closet are actually presents for them. In fact, today, G and I have decided to pull everything out of hiding and figure out what we are missing for the girls.

And Saturday, Saturday I am going to my friend’s sale. She is a jewelry designer who sells off stock before Christmas. It is also her way of making some quick money before the holidays.  In her family, they celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. That is probably where I’ll get my SILs gifts – and maybe my mom’s gift too. But not my MIL’s gift. Why? Last time I got her this gorgeous necklace my friend made. We had my in-laws and our friends gather together for a birthday celebration or something. My MIL decided the necklace design wasn’t great – so she “fixed” it. Hey, to each her own – but don’t wear it when you are going to see the designer.  It was an awkward exchange. Let’s just say my friend is not shy or  discreet when she notices things.

I also have a few gifts to make this year.  I am going to frame some family pics I took and give them to my brothers. Gotta decide which ones and how big and all of that.

And we’ll need to figure out when we’re getting our tree. I realized the next three weekends are booked. Takes us right to Christmas. A good and a bad thing.

So today I will make the to-do list.
Today the holiday music, movies, and all can begin.
I mean, there are only 29 days to Christmas!

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  1. Thank you! Today I am fine with holiday lights, Christmas Carols and people buying their trees and putting up decorations.

    I do my shopping ahead of time as well. I do admit I like to wander Toys R Us on Christmas Eve day and help out the last minute clueless people.

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    I refuse, REFUSE, to even think about Christmas until after Remembrance Day. Period. I don’t even shop before then – but then, I don’t really need to.

    But now I’m ready for all my favorite old-school Christmas programs, and am thinking about decorations and trees….

    Now that it’s time.

  3. Hubman says:

    We feel the same way and have indoctrinated the kids that talking about Christmas is over-limits until after Thanksgiving.

  4. Aurore says:

    If I had my way Christmas madness would be limited to a week – alas, that will never happen! So yes, this is the appropriate time for the madness to begin.

  5. Vixen says:

    *trying not to hyper-ventilate*

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