Weird Emmy Fact Wednesday

1. I love eating chocolate frosting on saltine crackers. Salty. Chocolaty. Perfect.

2. Pepper on cantaloupe is the best. 

3. I love Dick Dale music. And not just because of his name. Nothing like some great guitar beach music to make me think of summer. Or those cheesy beach movies from the 1965.

4. And yes, I have seen Beach Blanket Bingo. Beach Blanket Bingo. Beach Blanket Bingo. That’s the name of the game.  Actually there is something quite sexy about those movies. I mean, you should see those women shake their hips in those movies.

5. I couldn’t watch Monster Inc while I was pregnant with Indigo. I found little humor in it. The fact the little girl was gone son long and no one in her world noticed made me cry. Yeah, explain to a 2 year old why she can’t watch that movie. Because mommy get close to hysterical did not work. Damn pregnancy hormones!

6. I love pomegranates. There is something sexy about eating them. Maybe it’s all of the juice and finger licking.

7. I lose lens caps to the point where I almost should buy 2-3 just to have for when, not if, I lose one.

8. I’m a huge Joss Whedon fan. I have seen every episode of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr Horrible, and Serenity.  Oh, and we go to the annual Serenity showing for the Equality Now fundraiser.

9. I have an African fertility doll called an akua’ba. I found it after taking an African art class. Everyone who has had fertility problems and have borrowed it has gotten pregnant despite the fact they aren’t using it right. I guess it proves it is all in belief.  

10. I rarely, if ever, dream. Or I should say, remember my dreams. If I do, it usually means I didn’t sleep very well. Isn’t that odd? I mean, if you dream you are supposed to be sleeping better than if you don’t. Or at least that’s what I thought they said.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it. —Margaret Fuller

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  1. Have you tried eating frosting with pretzles, same effect, but you don’t have to clean the knife.

    The whole way that kids get treated in Disney movies has always bothered me. They always seem to be abandoned, or neglected or no one notices that they are gone for long periods of time.

  2. Fusion says:

    Ahhh, another reason I like you Emmy.

    I used to have a license plate frame on my car that read: Who’s flying this thing? Oh yeah, that would be me.

    I still dislike FOX for cancelling Firefly. And my ex GF got me hooked on Angel later on, I have the entire box set now.

  3. Now my crush on you is bigger… I am a huge Firefly fan too. I bought my wife a license plate holder that reads on top, “Like A Leaf On The Wind” and on the bottom, “Wash Is My Co-Pilot”.

    I got tickled BIG TIME when Dr. Sheldon Cooper (on hilarious TV series Big Bang Theory) ranked Robert Murdoch second for owning FOX and thus responsible for having Firefly canceled.

  4. Aurore says:

    I have never had frosting and crackers – it’s moved to the top of my list 😉

  5. 13messages says:

    Dick Dale is so great. Try out Danny Gatton as well some time. Not exactly the same, but I always think of one when I think of the other.

  6. Just me... says:

    Sour Cream frosting on pretzels..
    Fattening as hell, but oh-so-good!! :):)

  7. Maggie says:

    My college roommate’s mom gave her one of the African fertility dolls while we were in college. She was freaked out about why her mom would do that and banished it from our room. Thank goodness!

  8. Oh lord. Chocolate on saltines? Frosting on pretzels???

    Shit. Good thing I don’t keep any of that in the house!!!!!

    And I’ve tried so hard to like pomegranates, I love the juice, I think pomegranate seeds are beautiful, like juicy garnets but….i hate seeds. The few times I ate a pomegranate I’d mush them up in my mouth and try to spit out the crunchy part, LOL. I also clean out the white seeds in watermelons.

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