Week in Review

  • I have spent more time driving this week than I have in the past 9 months.  To school in the morning, to taekwondo and home in the afternoon.  It’s been crazy. But it has been fun.  I have gotten to see DJ play soccer at practice. Their coach is the head coach on the boys and girls’ teams, so their practices are coed. Seeing her going after the boys on the field was pretty funny to see. She told me the other day on the way home that she wants to keep playing soccer.  This is the first year I can honestly see her continuing to play. Her coach, as I’ve said before, has been a great influence.
  • I also got to see DJ at taekwondo too.  She is definitely nearly ready for black belt testing. I do feel bad for her. Because of her age, she is stuck with the younger kids.  She has the maturity of the older kids though, so you can see her rolling her eyes at the others during the class.  I was also happy because I was there when she got her invite to be part of the elite taekwondo team, an honor that only a few kids in the school received.  I have to hand it to her. She is taking this invite very seriously in terms of whether or not she wants to do it. It’s every Saturday for 2hrs between now and April.  I suspect she’ll be doing it. She love sparring. 
  • Ask me if I can reschedule an all day meeting because of pumpkin carving? That has been the last two days at work – fucking pumpkin carving is supposedly more important than training for the new software the company has purchased. Pumpkin carving.  Holy Fuck!  Yesterday, I actually exploited the fact that the executive would overreact if he heard it – so I bated him.  He reacted perfectly – but it didn’t set in with his team.  An hour into the day Thursday, and I needed a drink. I literally was ready to kill one of the managers. We have an 8 week project. An 8 week project that should be a 16-24 week project. But we need to do it in 8 weeks. Pumpkin carving is the LAST thing we should be talking about right now.  I spent 2 days getting people to vacate conference rooms for us including scaring a passive aggressive neighbor by showing up in her cube when she refused to acknowledge my email requests.  It’s happening tomorrow regardless.  A friend did supply me with a couple of pacifiers in case people needed them.  I’m sure I will be using them.
  • Indigo has had to do a behavior class at school now for two years. Basically she and about 10 other girls are way too high-drama, so the guidance counselor has been working with them. The other day she was ranting after soccer practice. One of her friends was not being nice or something. I’m doing the whole “uh-huh, uh-huh” thing when she finally says ” and I told her she was popping my personal bubble!!”  I started laughing a bit too hard.  She was not happy with me, but it was just hilarious hearing her use a phrase that was so not a kid-phrase.  
  • I received a Facebook message from SG’s wife the other day. “My husband loves the time he gets with you. I know G is out of town. I can make it so he can get away for a late night visit these two nights. Pick one, so I can send him to see you.”  It is funny how life can counterbalance itself sometimes. 
  • Tomorrow, G will be home. I think we will go to the school pumpkin carving thing with Indigo (since DJ is at a friend’s house for the night), come home, and enjoy each other after she goes to bed.  The bed feels too empty when he isn’t there. 
I leave you with this thought for a Friday….
Happy Friday!

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  1. DCHY says:

    It’s cold here but…having a good start, thanks to your post. Yes, I loved the poster. 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    Congratulations to DJ! I hope my Little Dude finds something that he’s so committed to and interested in when he gets older.

  3. I love the facebook message. Simply awesome. What a great thing u have.

  4. I am glad that the karate and soccer is going so well. We love how karate affects DB.

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