POD – Weekend in Pictures

Rain all weekend – rain refilling my empty rain barrels.  And forcing me to get out my foul weather rain coat for soccer games.  And, the drive back from SG’s house was not fun.  Too many Oregonians, ironically, forgetting how to drive in the rain.  5 accidents along the way.
The guard dog – who stands in the door and barks at everyone walking by the house.We have to be careful though as he is responsible for the screen being replaced a few times.
Our neighbor’s cat who always sits in a window begging to be let back inside. 
This is proof that a Dyson can and does clog. If they want to verify they make a model that does not clog, they should send me a prototype.  I had to take mine completely apart today. And still didn’t get it fixed. Thankfully, I do like taking things apart.  
The star heads used to fix the vacuum.  
G got this kind of tarter sauce for our Return of the King Crab Cakes because he has hopes of Mr Toad getting a wild ride later.  We are watching Return of the King tonight, and G always has to have a food theme. Fellowship of the Ring was Lord of the Onion Ring night. Two Towers was Fiery Chili of Mordor. Yeah, it’s an illness.
This is the letter Indigo wrote me after she got in trouble.  She even used my full name instead of just Moe.  It reads something like “Dear Emmy, You hurt my feelings. That’s why I’m upset. You made me cry and I don’t like it. If you were me, you would not like it. I know what it feels like. I know what you should do about it. You should say ‘I’m sorry to me.’ Sincerely, Indigo.”  The letter did not go as planned.

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  1. I love Garbanzo’s sickness. Its awesome. And please take his Mr Toad for a wild ride.

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