POD – Stripy Socks

We played in our school’s annual parent’s soccer tourney. It’s a coed 6-6 soccer game played on smaller field – about the size of an indoor soccer field.  Usually I play one two teams – each classroom has a team, so I get put on the class team for each girl. G plays on three normally – one for each kid and his own class. The games are 25 minutes total.

Today, it went pretty well compared to years past. In the past, the men end up dominating the game. The women are on the field just because it’s a rule. And the men usually get so hell bent on winning that they knock the women around and use their size as an advantage.  This year, I think someone must have spoken to all of the dads who usually go a bit crazy. They all were basically told if they touch the women or “intimidate them” then they were out.  As a result, it was much more fun. And everyone was playing hard without worrying about injury.  It became a joke that the women could push and shove – which this one did. Several of the dads actually loved the fact they were getting challenged by someone unafraid.  It was fun to play.

It was a nice counterpoint too – because I caught wind of something that made me feel like something I was holding onto was out the window.  I was trying not to be hopeful….I really was because I knew I’d likely be disappointed.  Someone recently commented that he can’t joke when I’m pessimistic in mood. I guess I’ve noticed since then how negative I’ve been feeling. I’m usually pragmatic and sarcastic, but not in a way that comes across as negative – just opinionated and poking fun at my luck.  But, no – I’m being negative. And that is not how I normally am. If I’m noticing it, I know others have got to be noticing it.  Maybe I should take a page from Maggie and try to start looking for the bright spots in my day versus the ones that are not-so-bright.  (Try is the operative word.)

So, here are the bright spots in my weekend:

  • A date with G Friday night that included having dessert with a couple we had played with – hearing about how great their life is going. 
  • Text message from a friend during a crazy Saturday morning – messages that make me smile.
  • Seeing G super-happy playing rugby on Saturday – with his former rugby teammates.
  • Seeing Derek.
  • Stealing my friend’s 1-month old baby girl for an hour – and reassuring her first-time mom that she is doing everything right. 
  • Taking a penalty kick and almost scoring. (One of my own players got in the way.)
  • And seeing the faces of the men on the team when I did that. I got high-5s all around. 
  • Knocking G over before a game and having another mom tell me I was mean. I didn’t realize she was serious until G tackled me and started kissing me. Then she said “Oh, you must be his wife….that makes more sense now!”
  • Seeing DJ make some pretty good defensive plays during her game.
  • Capturing a picture of Indigo taking the ball to goal – with her tongue hanging out of her mouth.
  • A post tourney meal of pad thai and beer.
  • Oh, and playing 100 minutes of soccer without the need of a sub. I’ve been feeling out of shape – until then.

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  1. What a great weekend! I am beyond happy i got to see you all this weekend. I will be making more trips down. John knows how much i miss you all. You are my family and I love you all! Glad we got to see each other! Miss you already!

  2. Sa says:

    100 mn of soccer is impressive. You are in no way out of shape!

  3. Sarah says:

    Those are AWESOME socks. I still have some great red tie-dyed socks from playing vball in high school. Sounds like you had fun 🙂

  4. Maggie says:

    Try is definitely the operative word when it comes to finding the bright side. I don’t know how perpetually upbeat and sunny people do it!

  5. Ms Scarlett says:

    Amazing what all that running does for your soccer game huh?

    I have those very same socks….

    Sounds like a fun weekend!


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