POD – Glimpse

This is my reflection on my laptop screen. The shiny screens are pretty common for the MacBook Pro laptops. I had been staring at the screen all day while I was researching software packages. Alternatives to the software I have been implementing. It’s pretty boring really and tests one’s google skills. Can’t blame me for letting my mind wanders – noticing things like this reflection – and thinking about things I probably shouldn’t be thinking about.

This is my off-switch – otherwise known as beer.  My brain was being my own worst enemy this afternoon. Kid was sick and driving me nutty because – of course – she was feeling better.  Doing math, weighing risks – worrying – are all of the things that occur when my brain is not focused on more productive things.  A quick text with a friend got me realizing how silly I was being.  I’m very thankful for my friends.  I really am.  The way they can bring me out of the dark places of my mind is something I am grateful for.  Oh, and the picture helped too. 😉
We are starting to hit our fall weather.  Tonight, we had a fire and enjoyed the warmth. It allows us to keep the heat off for a while longer.  The down comforters on the bed also helps.  I like it when it’s cool in the room while I sleep anyway. 

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oooo, I love the laptop screen picture. Very nice 🙂

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