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Is the teacher sucking the ideas out of the kids’ heads, or putting ideas into their heads? This his an age old question in our house.
I love this painting that is on a hidden door at a pub we got to that has a movie theater. Reminded me of the witch in Snow White.
I liked the lanterns hanging over the patio. Loved how they were hanging among the foliage. 
This is my new white balance lens cap. The idea is that you shoot against the grey card to more accurately set the white balance on the DSLR. So far, it works well. Just getting used to using it now. I hope it works as promised as white balance drive me nuts.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Definitely sucking the ideas out, and I love that apple photo too!

  2. garbonzo says:

    Maggie agrees with me!!!!!!

  3. Just me... says:

    Last year, I would have definitely said sucking the ideas out..
    This year, I’m thinking this teacher might be dropping a few in!! :):)

  4. PDXsubcuck says:

    One could hope that it was two ways, the kids learning but a good teacher is learning as well. Kennedy School?

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