Lending a Hand

I seem to keep building upon an idea that inspired two other stories so far.  This is the third one…the first is here and the second here….enjoy…

“Need a hand?”
I was dressed in a short mini-skirt and a button down shirt.  And a set of heels. I was not in a position to be reaching up and grabbing the box without exposing the fact I was sans panties.
“Yes, please.”
He came over behind me while I stood next to the shelving where we stored our equipment and reached over me to get down what I had been struggling to get myself. He pressed his body against mine as he reached above me to grabbed what I needed.  Then, after setting down the box, he walked me over to and set me on the edge of his desk.
I noticed for the first time that his desk was clear of all papers. Clearly he had planned for something. I silently chastised myself for not noticing.
“What are you doing?” I asked innocently.
“Helping” was his simple response. His mouth was on mine as he kissed me hard and deep.  His hands were making their way up my short skirt, lifting it so it was above my hips.  Clearly he had caught enough of a glimpse to realize I was bare underneath. And decided to act upon it.
“I do like this no panties under skirts thing”, he commented as his hand pushed my thighs apart and his fingers found my clit.  He had a knack for finding the right movement – the right place on my clit that set me off. I moaned with the first few strokes, then reached up to undo his pants. I wanted his cock in my mouth as he continued.
I turned a bit on the desk, shifting positions so that I could easily take his cock into my mouth – running my tongue on the underside of the head, and taking him as deep as I could into my throat.  I took my time as I sucked and licked his cock.  I wanted to savor the feeling.
And while I did that, his hand continued to explore my pussy.  I felt one finger, and then another, slide into it.  He stroked my g-spot, then finger fucked me for a bit.  I felt a third finger join them.  And I paused in my attention to his cock and moaned – loving the feeling of being filled up.  He started moving all three in and out – fucking my pussy, stretching it out, and making me moan loudly from all of the pleasure.
“Does Emmy want another one?” he asked, the amusement was in his voice.
“God, yes, please,” I was on the verge of begging.
He slide a forth into my pussy – slowly – stretching me out even more – watching for that sign that all was well, so that he could continue on with the fucking and stretching. I signaled him by taking his cock even deeper into my mouth – increasing the pressure and moving my mouth faster on his cock with the same urgency as I wanted him to emulate.  
But he knew to take his time. His plans were not done yet. He pushed a bit further – stretching me out more until he felt he could add his thumb.
It is always hard to describe that feeling of being filled like that. The intense pleasure that comes from it is a bit surreal – it takes your breath away.  And from what I have been told, the feeling is the same for the man too – except add ‘awe’ to the list.
At that point, his cock was forgotten.  I wanted to cum. I reached down with a free hand and stroked my clit the way I needed to come to a huge orgasm – a huge orgasm with my pussy entirely filled.  And after I came, he eased out of me – looking down at me with a grin.  
“That was hot” was his comment.
I held his cock up to my mouth and asked, “what are we going to do with this now?”
“Oh, I’m sure we can work something out.”

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  1. You have mentioned in the past your joy of reading. A dew weeks ago Love and Lust recommended “Sex at Dawn. I just finished reading and it was well written, informative, well researched with a touch of humor. Available on Kendle. Think you would like this book

  2. bikinfool says:

    Definitely shouldn’t have read this at work. Now all I an think about is getting home and doing just that to the missus . . .

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