Bullets over Wednesday

  • The upside of my project getting cancelled, and a new one being restarted next week is the fact I have nothing to do this week. Tuesday, I took advantage of that and had a play date. 
  • His wife is always baffled how he and I can spend so much time together and not talk.  So, Tuesday, we talked a bit more than usual. We both laughed that he now had things he could tell her.  Even if it only occupied maybe 20 minutes of our 3hrs together.
  • I discovered that bruises from others inspire him to leave his own.
  • We had our first sex related injury. He loves to use cord on my nipples. A more torturous way to play with them compared to clamps.  He uses his knife to cut them to length. Doing this as he is inside me proved to be dangerously as he shoved the knife back into his bag without closing it all of the way. He cut his finger when he went to grab something out of his bag. A timeout had to be called until a bandaid could be located and blood could be cleaned up.  
  • One of the dogs snuck into the bedroom during round two, and we had to pause things to make sure he didn’t sneak off with one of his socks. Yes, this has happened before. 
  • He is at the end of a cold. After a round of sex, he observed that when he was laying on top of me was enabling him to breath for the first time in a week. He speculated he could actually sleep if could lay exactly like that. I told him I doubted his wife would believe he needed me in bed for medicinal purposes. 
  • Taking a picture-of-the-day needs to happen before play dates as I am not usually in the creative space after.
Happy Wednesday!
And remember today is the Day of Remembrance show support for stopping the bullying of gay teens.  To quote HRC.org: 
“Too many young lives have been lost because of anti-gay bullying. LGBT youth need to know they’re not alone, and that things do get better. Wear purple on October 20 to remember those we’ve lost and reiterate your support for a world where diversity is embraced, not ridiculed.”

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  1. DCHY says:

    Interesting post. 🙂 FYI – I wore purple today.

  2. So…you’re saying he doesn’t WEAR his socks during business time? How bizarre?

    How Bizarre,
    Ooohhhhh baby, you’re driving me crazy.

    Oh look something shiny.

  3. Play dates always makes the world spin around.
    I am baffled by the comment that she said you two can spend all that time together and not talk. I am pretty sure she is not doing it right…lol


  4. Vixen says:

    Love the bullets 😉

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