A Hook and Some Rope

“Nice hook,” I observed as I was laying on his bed.

It was hidden in such a way that you had to be laying on the bed the right way to see it.  A hook – anchored into the ceiling.

He simply smiled at me after I looked over at him.

“I’m assuming you have plans for that,” I asked.

He never answered directly. Instead, he chose to pull me from the bed and to my knees in front of him.  I took his cock into my mouth sucking him, getting him hard for our next round of play.  Once erect, he put his hands into my hair and forced me to take his cock deep into my mouth.  I cupped my tongue under the head of his cock as I took it deep.  His moan broke the silence.

He pulled back from me and helped me to my feet before he made his way to the other side of the bed.  He started digging through the pile of stuff he had dumped out earlier, then tossed a few coils of white rope onto the bed.

“Wonder what you have planned for me?” I said aloud with a laugh.  He came back to where he left me standing, sat on the edge of the bed, then grabbed a coil of rope.  After uncoiling the largest coil, he found the middle and started tying me into a chest harness – a snug one.  When he was finished, he took both breasts – one in each hand, and squeezed my nipples before taking one into his mouth.  He started out sucking them gently at first, then sucked them hard into his mouth causing me to gasp.  He did it several time more before switching and repeating the process with the other one.

“Get on the bed” was his instruction after he broke away.  I moved to the middle of the bed where he followed, picking up another coil of rope as he went.  He tied one end to the center of the chest harness, between my breasts, then put the rope over the hook – and pulled me so I was as upright as I could be and still be on my knees.  Then he pulled a bit more before he grabbed my wrists with his free hand and tied them behind my back with the free end.

“I think that works,” he said as he admired his handy work.

His pause was short lived as he started to take advantage of my immobilized state.  Teasing and pulling on my nipples. Spanking my ass.  When he was satisfied, he slid between my legs and started assaulting my pussy biting and tugging on my lips – then focusing in on my clit.

He discovered a while ago that he can make me cum if he holds me down. He had immobilized me to see if he could do it while I was upright.  He worked on me until I was right on the verge of cumming – then he stopped.

He moved from where he was at, then started to untie me.

“I love how wet you are – you can’t cum yet until I’ve had enough of you.  For now, I’m done with that hook.  Now, I want your ass.”

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  1. Advizor54 says:

    “Now I want your ass.”????

    Sounds like chapter 2 is on it’s way, at least I hope so.


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