First off, go over and wish the beautiful and sexy Veronica a happy 29th birthday!
Let’s hope that Hubman was able to find her the birthday gift she’s been wanting: that female playmate. 🙂

This week has been a great week.

Work has had its weird moments. But, I’ve pretty much taken the last day and a half off. I think that my body exhaled with all of the crap going on there.  Layer into it the political storm going on, and it has been best that I am out of the middle of it.

Okay, I guess I should be honest, I did start that storm. It was on the verge of happening, but everyone was ignoring it. I simply tossed the bomb into the middle of it by simply saying that if this is going to be successful – a 9-month project occurring in less than 3-months – then something has got to change.  So, I put forth a project structure that they would not let me implement in February – and I drove home the point by citing example after example of how this would have prevented this project from going off its rails if done in the beginning.  For a group that is huge on “how did we get here” conversations, they aren’t huge on honesty during that process.  I just don’t think anyone counted on the fact I’m blunt and right.  And that is what they are now dealing with.  I will be honest – with a few exceptions – it is fun sitting back and watching.

And outside of work, it has been a great week. G has had lots of errands after school, so I had a play date one day which I’m sure I’ll write about later. Then a fun happy hour with a friend the next day. I can only hope his motorcycle doesn’t want to go home again another day, and it finds its way to the bar again.

The only weird part of my week was getting to write an email of concern to the principal of my kid’s school. DJ mentioned a conversation she had with one of the teachers that left me wondering what that teacher was thinking.  She was asking DJ questions that she, as a student, would never have answers for – it was really something her teacher should have been asked.  There is some teacher drama with the grade level – and this just really felt like a situation where a student was getting caught in it.  The more I thought about it – the more I thought I needed to say something.  It’s weird because I interact with the principal rarely as the principal of the school.  I take that back – last time, I just wanted to make sure he would keep DJ out of the middle of the teacher drama that was going on and had somehow involved G.  It was one of those “it goes without saying” situations – but I wanted to make sure he and I were on the same page. We were.  We’ll see what he says. Like I told him in email, I don’t expect him to do anything about this situation – just want him to be aware of it more than anything.

Oh, I saw this the other day and laughed hysterically. Why? I think I had this same thought either in Calculus 3 or Linear Algebra in college.  Yeah, I’ve taken WAY too many math classes.  I can say with pride that I doubt this equation would have made me feel this way:

Oh, and well, this is simply funny:

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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  1. I love your math problem/stripper thingy…funny!

  2. Aurore says:

    I was the toaster just the other night 😉 that is cute!

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I did not get a female playmate, but Hubman did get me a special present.

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you told the nice people off.

  4. Vixen says:

    Ok I LOVE the toaster cartoon. That’s awesome.


  5. Since I have a math degree and was a high school math teacher orginally…… that… made me LMAO!

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