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Since I’ve screwed up my numbering again, I’m going to start referring to these posts the way we do at our out – the Photo of the Day or POD.  Screw numbers. 🙂

I take my camera almost everywhere with me – almost because I won’t travel on the train with it unless it is concealed which some days it is easier to do than others – so I leave it home.  Here are a few shots from the past couple days as I have been out and about with the camera in hand.

This is actually the way they etch the glass in the small bus shelters. They found doing this kept graffiti from happening. This was taken at night. I liked the way the lights made the scene clearer.
 Yes, it’s a chicken on a bicycle. DJ’s dream…that we won’t let her make into reality.

Last night, the symphony performed the 1812 Overture in the park on the river. As I was walking by the stage where they were going to perform on my way home, I started wondering where the howitzers were going to fire.  My question was answered.  It was interesting because the Army field artillery guys were just sitting around – a couple guys were watching the crowd, but everything was open – no visible security.  They all were sitting around, talking, texting, and hanging out. The performance started at 7pm, and they had to get there like 3 hours early due to crowds, traffic, and such.  

I have a special appreciation for these guys.  My dad was one of them for 22 years.  I will have to say that I did resist the urge to get a closer look. We spent way too much time in the Armory as kids – WAY too much time – so I knew what howitzers look like up close and personal. The ones my dad’s unit had were considered cutting edge for the Korea War.  If you ever see one on the show MASH, those were the ones my dad’s unit fired. It was always a constant reminder of the last time their unit was called into action. Anyway, these are much more modern (duh) and small in comparison.  And my dad’s unit had the “small” or more mobile ones back then.  Most of their training was around recon missions – getting to a location, setting up, firing off, and getting the hell out of there.  Funny how much I remember about those days. 

Good advice….from inside a beer cap…..

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  1. Babe Lincoln says:

    Since a lot of our best ideas seem to be generated over a beer, it seems only fitting that the bottle start contributing some words of wisdom as well!

    And I love the bus terminals… way more fun to look at than the gazillion ads that plaster all of Chicago’s.

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