POD – Pulley and Rain

This is a serpentine belt idler pulley for a 2002 Subaru Outback v6.  Notice the place where there should be bearings? Yeah, those clumps of metal were the bearings.  Last Saturday, my serpentine belt came off while I was driving home from a run to the sporting goods store for soccer shoes, socks and shin guards for my ever growing 10 year old.  We ordered the belt, but didn’t have time to install it until this morning.  Then we discovered we had a pulley not spinning as it should.  Wonder why.  Several calls to many auto parts stores, and we were going to have to order a new one.  A last ditch call to the local Subaru dealer’s parts department, and we had one. We probably saved $100-150 installing it all ourselves.  G’s new found skills in engine repair made us try it ourselves instead of having it towed to the local dealer. The guy on the site that led me to check this belt last Saturday said it would take 5 minutes. It took 10 – and an extra set of hands.  The belt tension adjuster made it easy – once we got the wrench in there to move it into place.  It works and runs great.  I guess I must acknowledged that the $1000 VW bus G spent money on this summer has resulted in this savings.  Now to find the other $850 worth of return on his “investment”.

Today marks our first real day of fall/winter rain in Oregon.  We got through Saturday soccer fun without it – thankfully – but it has been raining pretty much ever since.  The girls have declared it fire in the fireplace season.  So we have a small one burning tonight.  Tomorrow, I’m off to find rain repellant for my raincoat.  It’s time to retreat it as I walk to and from the train and to lunch at work.  Figure I’d better be prepared.  I’m not ready for this weather yet.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Mechanical skills last a lifetime, stuff my dad taught me as a teen is still coming in handy! In due time, you’ll recoup that $850!

    Have fun with the commute, reminds me of the mile+ walk from the commuter parking lot to my lab in grad school :-/

  2. Maggie says:

    Send some of that rain this way, we need it badly.

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