POD – Cooking Day

This was some of what went into my vegetarian chili today. A couple small onions, a poblano pepper, and several other bell peppers.  G cut up an unknown number of garlic cloves. And we tossed in a variety of different kinds of beans – with chopped tomatoes.  It cooked all day.  The girls and G have the starts of a cold – a cold I suspect they are passing to me.

Besides chili, I made bread. Little known Emmy fact – I LOVE making bread. I will knead it for an hour if I have to do it. The act of kneading – the rhythm, the feeling of the dough as the gluten is worked – is just a nice feeling.  The two jobs I always had when I worked at the pizza place in high school and college was making the pizza dough and running the ovens.  When I did the pizza dough for the day, I got up early, and spent two hours doing the pizza dough for the day. Just me and my walkman.  Good stuff.

DJ made corn bread for the chili – and Indigo and I made kettle corn.

It was kind of the perfect day for it.
For it, and football on TV…..
….and later a viewing of the full version of The Two Towers. (DJ is hooked on it now.)

Not a bad Sunday.

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  1. Making bread is awesome! I love to do a nice brioche myself.

  2. Maggie says:

    That looks yummy. Is the chili recipe top secret or can you share with someone who just so happens to be looking for a good chili recipe?

  3. Vixen says:

    *YUM* I love good vegetarian chili!

  4. Ms Scarlett says:

    Sounds like a warm and wonderful day…

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