Family Craziness

 The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”
~E E Cummings
Wednesday night, we took the girls out to dinner. Everyone had been a long crazy day, so it was nice not to have to cook after the crazy day.
When I got into the car, the girls were laughing hysterically.
“Okay, what is funny?”
“Indigo farted so loud that the tree shook and the rain fell onto the car,” DJ explained.
“It was the wind – outside – not in the car” was my response.
They just laughed harder.
At the restaurant, they decided to read a comic together.  Indigo had brought one she likes – and DJ conned her out of it having forgotten a book of her own.  They kept laughing at the jokes and giggling until the food arrived.
During dinner, the new game started….
“Kiss, marry or kill – Sara, Jack or Eric.”
“What did you just ask your sister,” I asked Indigo.
“It’s a game we play at school.”
Great.  The kids have found a way to play a cleaned up version of Kill, Fuck or Marry.
“Uhm….” DJ thought.
“Well, you have already kissed Jack, so who would you marry and who would you kill?” I asked.
“Moe….” she gave me a disgusted look, “I would marry Sara. And Kill Jack.”
She made it a point to give me a fake glare when she said it.
At this point, we were all laughing.
We knew it had degenerated when they were asking which of the three chickens she would kill, kiss or marry. We were all laughing like crazy people. I suggested there were no bad options in that one – one chicken would be finger licking good.
The next day, I commented to G how much fun it was.  How great it was to laugh that hard together as a family. It helps that I have created two smart ass girls. 
“That is how I always envisioned your family was growing up.”
“You know, it really was a lot like that.”
Then again, it can still be like that as our last gathering and photo attempt proved.  
We just didn’t need some crazy game to get it started.

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  1. Aww good times. It is nice when your kids get to the age that they can join in a sarcastic convo and even make you laugh.

  2. Vixen says:

    Sounds like fun. Love letting loose and just *enjoying* each other. And I too love the sarcastic angle of your girls 🙂

  3. Hubman says:

    Kill, Fuck or Marry? I don’t know this game….

    Fun times, gotta love the kids!

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