The Over Nighter

The last time we were together, it was an overnight.

You arrived on your motorcycle. I heard it pull into the hotel parking lot and looked out the window. Not everyone looks sexy on a Harley, but damn, you do.

You came into the room, dumped your stuff in an out of the way place, and pulled me in close to you. Just as our lips were about to meet, your phone rang. You were later than expected, she hates your motorcycle, so your wife was checking in.  After the quick call, you give me a bear hug and ask “where were we?” as we kiss.

The slowness of the kiss was your usual approach, so you took me by surprise when you picked me up suddenly and tossed me onto the bed.

You grabbed one of you bag and moved it near the bed. I teased you about keeping your bag of tricks within arms reach, and you had that smirk on your face as you got onto the bed with me – disrobing me and yourself.

Once disrobed, you leaned me back on the bed – then settled between my thighs. You teased my lips with your mouth and tongue. And I love how you take your time – how you make me sensitive – then pin my hips down while you take more from me. Usually, it’s an appetizer. That night, you sent me over the edge quickly. And after I came, I had to beg you to stop as you continued to suck and nibble my clit – enjoying the sounds I make when I’m too sensitive.

You were on top of me, cock poised to enter me, when you asked what I wanted.  You knew exactly what I wanted, but you wanted to hear me say it. You wanted to hear that pleading in my voice when I say I want you to fuck me.  That smile on your face when I said it told me you enjoyed seeing me like this – enjoyed having this willing fuck toy ready and begging for you to use.

You slid into me – very slowly – enjoying the feeling – then you pause once you have buried yourself inside me. Your face gave away how aroused you really are. 

“I like being right here” you tell me as you grab my hands and pin them above my head, all while buried deep within me, not moving.

Then you start moving – slowly – enjoying each stroke – and knowing fully how crazy you are driving me. Knowing I am craving a hard fuck – but giving me slow gentle.

You pull away from me after a few stroke and pull me to the edge of the bed. It’s the right height, you tell me, to bend me over so you can fuck me hard.

I eagerly assume the position, and you slammed into me hard. Your hand was in my hair, pulling my head back as you drove into me, over and over and over again.  Then there was the smack on my ass. You chuckle because you could feel how that would make me get wetter  – as if I could get any wetter.

You pulled out of me – telling me to stay there.  You swat me ass some more. I knew you were contemplating whether or not to grab your small paddle, but clearly decided to stay with your hand as you swatted my ass, then stroked my clit – alternating between the two.

You flipped me onto my back, and your mouth was on my nipples. Until then, you hadn’t paid them much attention. But you were making up for it now. Biting and sucking and pulling – I was in heaven.

“I want to cum in your mouth. I’ll cum in your pussy later” was your announcement.

So on my knees, I knelt before you – your cock in my mouth – your hands in my hair controlling the pace.  How turned on I was to have you control the depth in which I took you into my mouth.  And that was the way you came – how we started our evening. Me, on my knees, sucking you off.

And true to your word, you saved my pussy for later. Much later.

Ironically enough, your bag never opened. You didn’t need to restrain me with ropes or ties. You merely used your hands to hold me exactly where you wanted me.  I loved the feeling of your cock entering me at 1am while I was half awake. Then at 4am when I pulled you on top of me. Then there was the quickie before we showered. I went to work with a smile on my face. And you left on your motorcycle with a similar smile.

Even thinking about that last play date, that overnight, makes me smile.
I can’t wait for that again.
But, like you told me the other day….
…… soon.

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  1. That was incredibly erotic. Thank you for sharing the details with us.

  2. that was hot and visual. Thank u for sharing. I love the window into your mind.

  3. Ms Scarlett says:


    Now I need to go find my battery-operated-buddy….

  4. Vixen says:

    Um. Right.



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