I’m having one of those weeks where I’m missing people. People I love who are far away – friends and family. I’m missing those talks – those connections – those things that happen when two people who know each other so well get together or talk.

I miss what could have been or what might have been had he/she been around when I’m bored or sad or just need someone other than G (which was ALL need someone other than our spouses at times).  Someone who will understand and listen – someone who will unload their own burdens or stories. Someone who just can be….be there….nothing more – nothing less.

And while I know many of these people ARE there – just out of sight – sometimes having that time is necessary. Having that time recharges the batteries in a way that it doesn’t in other ways. Not because those you see day in and day out are unable, but they are too close. Having that fresh perspective from a friend – or just some downtime with a friend – gives you a break that I sometimes need from life. 

I know this too shall pass. I know things are hard especially as summer is ending and school is beginning. It doesn’t mean I miss these things less especially if they are in stark contrast to what was. 

I just miss them sometimes.

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  1. I know that feeling. Its the downside to most of your favorite people living in your computer. I just want to shake my computer some days and hope that some of you fall out.

  2. Hubman says:

    I love ASMs comment, spot on!

  3. Sa says:

    I hope you will have many opportunities to see your friends…Unfortunately we seem to have more and more opportunities and less time than ever before!

  4. Babe Lincoln says:

    I was lamenting this very thing with a girlfriend today. The summer has gotten away from me and I feel I haven’t had enough time to touch base with everyone that I want to.

    And maybe it’s just my Chicago attiude, but I feel like once summer’s over, that’s it for the year. We hibernate over the winter, so staying in touch becomes even that much more difficult.


  5. Vixen says:

    I know that feeling too.

    And YES- recharging your batteries is very important. I hope you get it. Soon.


  6. Ell says:

    Me too – a bunch. I’d love a cyber salon where folks can just drop in say hi – more than twitter, wider than IM, deeper than something… Sometimes the distance all seems too vast. Wishing you reconnections! 🙂

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