Friday Purge

I collect ideas for blog posts. They sit as drafts in my gmail account. Links to neat stuff that could be used if I am desperate for ideas.  Clearly, from the judge of it, this well thought out plan rarely sees the light of day. So today, I bring you a purging of my draft folder. Grab a cup of coffee or a beer – your choice depending on what kind of day it is or may become, and enjoy….

First off, you may have seen this – but it is worth repeating. While the world this week talked about the Jet Blue flight attendant who did quit in a way other flight attendants have only dreamed about, I bring you this assistant.  Who quit via an email and a series of photographs with a white board.

It’s awesome. Not only does she email  it, she also calls out exactly who has caused her to quit as well as uses her powers (access to internet logs) for good, not evil.  Click here to see the whole thing.

(I have since learned that this as a staged hoax. But this one isn’t. Quite a yummy way to receive a resignation.)

Next up is something a bit less awesome, more like “Holy Shit!”.  The site VisualEconomics creates a poster, if you will, of what BP could have bought with all of the money lost from the oil spill.  It’s a bit shocking…

It’s super small for a reason – so go to the site to see it in its full glory.

Switching back to more humorous things, I bring to you the 55 Funniest Signs Around the World compliments of

There are many others that do not involve poking fun at churches, so go take a look.

I know there are several of my readers who are like me, can’t sit still and constantly fidgeting. I came across this article the other day that claims fidgeting can help with focus. It is an observation made by researchers while studying kids with ADHD.  Interesting article.  Also makes me feel less bad about my constant fidgeting while working on something at my desk.  (Also, it gives some decent info about the misnomers of ADHD.)

On a weather front, here is video of a freaky storm that rolled quickly into an area of Finland. It almost doesn’t look real how fast it builds up and takes over.

Or to see pictures, click here.

On the food front, I found these over at G’s friends who run Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories:

It is an Ice Cream Gyoza – think Japanese potsticker – made from cookie dough and vanilla ice cream served with a side of chocolate sauce. This could be a fun thing to do with kids. Included is a link to egg-free cookie dough. And in the comments there is quite a debate about the risk of using and eating raw eggs. Gotta love geeks.

Speaking of geeks, the geeks at Ars Technica did an interesting write up about the iPad….

…and how it reminded them of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  They talk to the production people who brought to life the Art Director’s vision of technology in the future. Read the article. Makes you realize how some of the Apple engineers were clearly trying to bring some Star Trek stuff to life.

And continuing on the geek topic, I saw some video from a site Pilot pens put together. It reminded me of a way to address the complaint people often have about how technology has taken the personal nature of correspondence out of it. Usually typing is cited as a reason people feel it is less personal.  Pilot has a way to create handwritten notes that are emailed. Haven’t tried it out myself, but it is an interesting idea. I also like how they upload your handwriting.  Good use of technology. Click here to check it out.

I know some people have circulated this one, but this site is kind of fun for those of us who blog.  I Write Like analyzes your writing style and tells you which famous author you write like. Depending on my text, I write like James Joyce or several others. I can’t recall the other four. I wanted to see if there was a trend, so I tried text from several posts.  It’s interesting.

And finally, I leave you with what I would like to say is evidence that I am right.  I have often complained that most coffee shops do NOT make lattes correctly – especially Starbucks.  The coffee-milk ratio is wrong.  When I make mine at home, I know that it should be 2/3 espresso to 1/3 steamed milk.  People often tell me that is too much espresso.  Here is proof, I am right:

Click here for the full view. And for the record because I think of at least 2 people reading this that are shaking their head as they think this, I didn’t need proof – because I’m always right. 🙂

Oh wait….I have to have a nod to G who recently introduced me to a VW Bus that would have sold me over right away (had he found one which would have been difficult given they are rare)….

A 1958 VW Safari Window Bus. The story of this bus is amazing. It’s a crank start – and they have driven it back and forth across the US several times since fixing it up.  Here is the link to the videos. Scroll through them all – they include video of how it looked when he found it – video of the engine rebuild – video of the trips with his family.  Neat story of a VW Bus and its family.  Watching the videos, you can start to understand how they can get into your blood.


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  1. Holy hell, those ice cream gyoza’s could make me ruin my diet in a heartbeat. YUM.

  2. Those were some awesome links, thanks for sharing. I have a whole bunch of stuff in my blog ideas folder on gmail that I need to go through.

    And I write like Stephen King.

    I am going to grab a few more posts and see how it pans out.

    Happy Friday.

  3. Maggie says:

    I went to a meeting once where they had little things on the tables for us to play with, for the people who need to fidget. It was a really successful meeting and there were some interesting pipe cleaner sculptures by the end. 🙂

  4. The ice cream things look great!
    And I shared the BP link via facebook. 🙂

  5. Beryl says:

    You are so fucking cool!

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