Days 114-115 – Beds and Hidden Art

This is one of the raised flower beds our friends’ sons built for our neighbor. The chickens keep destroying her garden. And, we decided to take the opportunity to not only fix the problem – but also do something nice for her. She’s disabled. She’s about 60. And she has been wanting her son to build her some beds. He shows up. She gets excited, but they never get done. So, we did it for her. I think the boys were pretty surprised when she got all teary in saying thank you. She’s one of those genuinely nice people who deserves some nice surprises. We told the boys’ mom that they made an old lady cry. She was happy to know it was in a good way.

Garbanzo came to have lunch with me today. Portland recently was named one of the best places with food carts. We wandered down, got these amazing Vietnamese Sandwiches from a stand, and ate lunch in the park. (Downtown Portland has a ton of parks – another reasons I love it.) On the way back, I walked by a light pole but this caught my eye.  The words say “…It’s almost time…” Wonder for what.

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  1. Ms Scarlett says:

    And they did a great job on those beds too!!

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