Day 398 – Pigga

yes, I know my numbering is screwed up. I am just going to stop numbering after this – or continue picking random numbers. Random numbers are more fun.

This is Pigga.  She actually has a name, but it always called Pigga for some reason. She is Indigo’s guinea pig.  Indigo got her three years ago now.  Indigo remembers her new birthday, as she calls it – or the day we adopted her from the human society.  We got this pig after I saw her take such great care of a classroom guinea pig. Her patience and her loving attitude made me realize she was ready for a small pet of her own.  So, we went to the Humane Society and played with guinea pigs they had up for adoption. In the end, she fell in love with Pigga. 

Pigga makes me laugh.  She always has. She has a funny personality – something I never would have thought much about before we got her. But she is definitely a riot to have around.  I had Indigo clean out her cage today – outside – a smart move on my part because she always makes a huge mess inside, then I curse the fact I didn’t just do it myself.

Pigga loves the grass. She literally runs through it in a flurry of happiness. Not because she’s free per say but because she is surrounded by her favorite food – grass and clover and dandelions.  It’s like the kids in Willy Wonka when they go into the room where everything is eatable, I mean, edible.  She just doesn’t know where to start eating.  And she eats….a lot. Her little piggy lips will turn green from all of the clover if we allow her to gorge herself on it.

Indigo did an okay job cleaning it. Moe ended up finishing it, so she gave Pigga a bath.  Pigga loves water.  In fact, she runs into the deep end to swim around in that part of the bathtub. The girls tried telling me that she loves baths. I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself.  She’s a funny girl.

After her bath, she sits on the couch with the girls, wrapped in the towel, and watches cartoons.  When I pointed out to Indigo and DJ that she did not watch cartoons, both claimed that to be false.  They claim that her head is always pointed toward the TV as she watches. Truth be told, she does enjoy sitting on a towel between them on the couch as they bet her, feed her carrots and watch cartoons. It isn’t unusual to walk into my house and see this happening most afternoons. While Pigga has a cage, she spends alot of time out it.  So, that’s what she did as she dried off enough to go back into her cage. 

The dogs are the only ones we have to worry about in terms of threats to her. Both think she’s a toy.  The cats don’t care. In fact, my cat who is the mouser usually watches over her protectively instead of hoping she can get a bite of her. 

Such a rough life being a guinea pig in our house. 

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  1. nitebyrd says:

    Wow! Amazing that a guinea pig would actually have a personality! She is cute.

  2. Just me... says:

    She’s adorable..

    I’m certain the girls love her..


    I still see a rat on steroids! :):)

  3. garbonzo says:

    I love her little Pigga lips.

    Got to love Piggaletto

  4. Maggie says:

    Love that little face, though I could never put up with the noise.

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