Worth a Thousand Words


I came across this picture the other day. It was you and me and another female playmate during a night of fun.  The other person in the picture doesn’t matter as she did not draw me to pause as I was going through the pictures. What gave me pause was you….

…..and what you were doing to me.

My eyes immediately focused on your mouth sucking on my nipple. I could almost feel the way you suck them – hard into your mouth. Soft at first, but increasing the intensity as you listen to my moans. As you get rougher, you start using your tongue, lips and teeth to give me the pleasure that I love. Just looking at the picture, I could almost feel my pussy getting wet the way it does when you play with my nipples the way you do. I can feel that sensation I have described to you where it almost feels like my pussy is connected directly to that nipple – whichever nipple – you happen to be playing with at the moment.  Seeing your mouth on my nipple sents me from that night to other times when you gave my nipples attention with your mouth, your hands, and clothes pins (if I’m not mistaken).  How you seemed to enjoy pushing me further.  How I have enjoyed you pushing me further in terms of pleasure.   How I’ve left you with those deliciously sore nipples rubbing the inside of my bra – reminding me of our play for days to come. 

As I continued to look at the picture, I was drawn to your hand between my legs. I could tell from the shot that you had two fingers buried deep in my pussy. Like with my nipples, I know exactly what you were doing with them – the way you move them in the way only you do.  Those bold strokes that make me moan loudly – that makes me want more. I’m sure between the nipple play and those fingers, I was probably soaked.  And like seeing your mouth on my nipple did, I started recalling other moments.  Like one morning when spending the night together, you pushed your fingers deep inside me as I stroked my clit at your urging.  And as I built toward an orgasm, I begged for you to put more inside me – filling me up and stretching me out in the way that I like.  I came so hard that my head ached from the intensity of the orgasm.  Later, I believe you commented in a bit of amazement how many I took. All I knew is that it felt good….your fingers inside me like that.  Or that other time, more recently, when those magic fingers of your made me cum in a way I don’t normally. How those strong strokes found my g-spot causing me to soak your hand, not just once, but at least a couple of times. Definitely have enjoyed those fingers of yours.

And your hands – seeing them on my body. It always makes me think about how large they feel on my body.  About the times you have lifted me onto your cock – pushing me down on top of it the way it feels good for both of us.  The way you’ve moved me into the position you want me in. Yeah, I’ve never had a bad time in your hands.

But in general, that picture reminded me of that night. That picture reminded me that I was blindfolded when you two arrived. I knew something was up – but not what exactly. I knew she would be there, but you were a surprise. A very pleasurable surprise at that.  I felt two bodies on the bed – one on each side of me – then I felt hands and lips on my body.  I discovered it was you when your lips pressed against my ear telling me if you had been there, I would have been tied to that bed regardless of what I wanted. That refusal I had given my husband would not have flown with you. And even though we had only gotten naked together once before, our talks and chats and dirty phone calls had already taught me to believe you – “no” was not an option.

I remember this night being orchestrated by the three of you. I was at the center of your attention; I was directed. I was bent over the bed soon after that picture was taken. My husband’s cock in my mouth as you slid into me from behind.  Then at the urging of someone in the room, you shifted your attention to my ass.  I remember your caution when starting to enter me – caution I tossed out the window when I pushed back onto your cock into me, driving it into me.  If my memory is correct, you loved that, (as did I.)  You fucked me until it was suggested we shift positions.  I climbed on top of my husband and rode him, as the other playmate and I enjoyed a moment together.

I think it was she who suggested you both DP me.  Everyone was game.  So we gave it a try. Since I was already in a good position, you got behind me to take your place.  You almost hit your head against the ceiling fan – the downside of a tall bed.  But we made it work without you getting injured……we DEFINITELY made it work.  As you held me into place, so did my husband. I was caught between two men.  Oh, what a horrible situation it was for me!  One that everyone enjoyed.  The memory made me look at the other pictures too.

We curled up after that. We played some more, I think. We talked. A good time – and a good start to more fun to come.

I guess it is true that a picture is a memory worth a thousand words.

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  1. Osbasso says:

    Seems like a few more than just a thousand!

  2. Nothing like naughty memories to take you to that time and place….You are so lucky.

  3. So hot. I’m a little breathless…


  4. Bunny says:

    How wonderful that a picture can take you right back there. Sounds like quite the experience!

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