Day 187 – 190 – My Short Week

This week has been short (work wise) but busy. Summer makes it hard to stay in the uploading of picture groove.

The week here was hot. Oregon went from 70 degrees to 98 degrees literally overnight. I am NOT complaining though. Let’s just make that clear. We were all starting to wonder if we would actually have a summer her. We really have been experiencing weather that is less summer-like and more winter-like. But as Garbanzo always promises, after the 4th of July, all will change. And boy did it. It was wonderful!

Here are some random pictures from the week:

I actually had to water using water from my full rain barrels. Awesome!

Our hot dog:

Fuzz in the grass.


Baby Fava Beans!


Strawberries….that DJ has already eaten before she got them in the house.

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  1. Beryl says:

    Beets. You know in four decades I have never eaten a beet? I guess I should give one a whirl sometime.

  2. yum, homegrown strawberries. I used to eat them too before getting them in the house. one for the basket, one for me. one for the basket, one for me. ok another one for me.

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