10 Random Emmy Facts for Saturday

10 Random Emmy Facts….

1. Mosquitoes love me. Everyone can come away with a single bite, I’ll have about 10. And I know itching them makes them look horrible and all, but I will itch every single one of them. I don’t care.  I currently have one on a toe, and one on my elbow.

2. I can never keep my hoses coiled in the yard. I don’t care how much I try, I have no patience to make it lay flat and neat. I usually end up making it worse, then throw it where I want it because it pisses me off. 

3. Give me rope, and I can coil it in seconds. In fact, SG often hands me his ropes after a play date because I can neatly get them coiled and all in a second.  He watched me do it one day and asked how I learned it.

4. I learned how to do it when I was learning to sail. I love to sail. I miss it at times. I don’t miss having to take care of the 30-foot sailboat that was entrusted in our care. It truly was a place in the water where the money goes.

5. When I know I can do something that will annoy someone who is simply being ridiculous in their response, I have to resist the urge to poke that person with a stick. I’m evil that way.

6. Many times when we have people over, I decline the offer to help me load the dishwasher because they’ll do it wrong meaning I’ll have to reload it after they leave. Only once has someone actually done it my way ….and that was recently. And won’t be a surprise to her husband who reads this blog. But may make her laugh. 🙂

7. I have had to replace my sunglasses 5 times in the past year. No one can tell the difference because I rebuy the exact same ones over and over again. Color, brand and everything.

8. When I’m annoyed with someone, they can always tell. I can’t hide my annoyance. But really it’s the fact I can’t hide the fact I would rather being doing anything but be in their presence any longer. I’m an open book that way.

9. I like a brown sugar, sugar cubes for my self-prepared latte. Only one. Two is too sweet.

10. I have a coffee cup fetish. They have to be the right shape. A shape that fits my hands right. And size also matters.

saw this and liked the message. it is so true.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Dana says:

    When I know I can do something that will annoy someone who is simply being ridiculous in their response, I have to resist the urge to poke that person with a stick. I’m evil that way.

    You resist?? I just poke!


  2. Fun post!

    Ugh to Mosquitos. They love me too, and I do the same thing you mention – scratch them like crazy.
    Have you tried this stuff (after bite)?
    It’s amazing! That, or a simple paste made with baking soda and water seems to help (for me).

  3. Now why did I know you were a sailor

  4. IveyLane says:

    Totally with you regarding the dishes. First, no one, not even Vince, can load the dishwasher to suit me and yes, it’s because they aren’t doing it right. Also, since I love using my china, when we have a dinner party I ALWAYS wash the dishes myself. My position is that if I break something I can be as mad as I want; if a guest breaks it then I have to stand there and be gracious about it. Ugh.

  5. Have you tried that Off thingie that’s electric and you hang from your pocket or whatever?

  6. Beryl says:

    The bite on the toe is the worst kind…there’s no way to get a good scratch on!


  7. Emmy says:

    Dana – I normally do that too. But with a recent discovery I can’t without an adverse effect to someone I care about. That makes it a bit easier to resist, but I do have the thought go through my head each time the chance presents itself now. 🙂

    MR – I’ll have to go look for the stuff. I haven’t had to worry about mosquitoes except for the last time I was in the midwest.

    Southern Swinger – Maybe it’s in my 100 things about Emmy….hmmm…..have to look.

    Ivey Lane – Yeah, I’m definitely the same way. Would rather break my own stuff. And I always reload the dishwasher as my husband is loading it.

    Lilly – I just saw that last night and thought I may have to try it. Oregon is having a huge problem with mosquitoes this year thanks to all of the rain we got over the past few months. Realized I needed to invest in something.

    Beryl – So true! Not that it’s stopping me from trying 🙂

  8. i giggled when i read “I like brown sugar”

    i miss you!

  9. Fusion says:

    Those Off thingys with a little fan don’t work, and breathing the fumes can be bad (just had a friend post a FB video from Consumer reports about them). Using a good spray is still the best option they say.
    I’ve never had a problem with bites either, except for the time I lived in Australia where those buggers loved me. I joke that it must have been the foreign blood…

  10. Vixen says:

    My husband is the same way with mosquitos. Which works well for the rest of us, we walk away itch/bump free! LOL

    I’m not sure I’ve heard of brown sugar cubes. Fascinating! I’m going to have to totally check that out.

  11. Hubman says:

    Of course size matters!

    Oh wait, you were talking about coffee mugs… 😉

  12. As someone who just slapped a mosquito off of me, I can relate to number one.

    And once you find the perfect mug, its hard to give it up.

  13. Bunny says:

    I too have a problem with mosquitos, they love me. I’m still looking for something that works! I’m a brown sugar fan myself!

  14. Just me... says:

    Just the opposite on the annoyance thing.. Those who know only do so because I choose to let them know..
    Began that training at my mother’s knee… Always smile and be a pretty, sweet little girl… 🙂

  15. Kurt says:

    Why did you have to replace your sunglasses so often? Yes, shape is the most important thing about a coffee cup.

  16. Emmy says:

    Mexi – I love you, brown sugar! 🙂

    Fusion – good to know about those off thingies. No good.

    Vixen – My husband says the same thing about me too 🙂

    Hubman – size matters for that too! 😉

    ASM – One of my favorite mugs has a chip in it. I can’t bear to get rid of it yet for this reason.

    Bunny – Few use brown sugar in coffee. Glad to meet another.

    Just Me – Those who don’t know me don’t expect it thus making it more fun. I do like your method too 🙂

    Kurt – Kids mainly. They like to hide them or move them on me. I swear they have legs sometimes. Only one pair have I lost and it was at a concert when someone knocked them off my head as I was leaving.

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