Three is a Magic Number – Part 1

It’s been a few weeks since we played. The last time was the overnight we had – and overnight before the house party – so our play was pretty tame in comparison to usual.  He had hoped to get together the following week, but that couldn’t happen thanks to bad timing.  So today was our day – the first day in a few weeks where we could play – and play uninhibited.

Uninhibited play is a good phrase for the next several hours (read five). He had brought his ever-present pack with him. The first few times he brought it with him, I had a pretty good idea what was inside. But these days – these days I have no idea what he has dreamed up in terms of what to try with me next.  And this time, restraint was the name of the game.  And not his.

He pushed me back on the bed and immediately went down on me squeezing my nipples as he brought me closer and closer to an orgasm.  He brought me so close that it was driving me crazy that he was not pushing over that edge so I could cum.  I felt his hand around my wrist as he guided it to my pussy. And even though his tongue left my clit, it did not leave my pussy as I brought myself to a nice orgasm – all the while feeling his tongue on the underside of my clit.

Almost as soon as I had finished cumming, he was inside me – grabbing my legs and pulling them up so that my knees were near my chest – a position that allowed him to fuck me hard – just like I want after a good orgasm.  As he fucked me hard, he let go of my legs and grabbed my wrists again and pulled my arms above my head where he pinned them. 

“I love how you simply submit to me.”

He left me and the bed for a moment telling me to stay right where I was. I heard the zipper on his bag, then the sound of the contents moving around as he found what he was looking for. He walked behind me since I was sideways on the bed. My arms were still extended above my head just like he left them. I felt him wrapping the rope around my wrists. The other end went around the side of the bed frame – then he tied it off – my arms pulled higher and more securely above my head. 

He kissed me deep before climbing back onto the bed. I expected him to take full advantage of what he had done, but he wasn’t ready yet.  He had more things with him than I had realized.  I hadn’t seem or heard him toss them onto the bed.  He had a thin cord that he fashioned into makeshift nipple clamps by way of a slip knot on each end of the two strands he had. He took each nipple into his mouth, sucked it erect, then slide the cord around the nipple and slowly tightening it as he watched  my reaction telling him exactly how tight to cinch them. 

“Put your legs back up where I had them” was his command.

And around each thigh, he tied the end of the cord – the other end connected to my nipple.  It became quite clear of the game he was going to play. If I put my legs down, the cord around the nipple got tighter. How hard my nipples were pulled was in my hands. …or legs in this case.

“Feeling helpless yet?” he asked with a grin.

“Just a bit” was my simple reply.

He slid back into me making sure he bumped my leg as he did so that my nipples as pulled. He merely chuckled at my sudden inhale at the sensation.  I guess how hard my nipples were pulled weren’t all in my hands after all.  He proceeded to fuck me again – hard and fast, then slow and deep – pausing once in a while to lick the tip of my nipple. 

He likes to take his time. I appreciate that. He likes to let himself build to the edge of orgasm, then back off only to do it again and again.  And this approach just gives him ideas of what he wants to try next – what he wants to do to me next.  The moment that inspiration strikes is a fun one to observe as he gets this gleam in his eyes – you see the gears in his mind start spinning – and he sets to work changing or adding to what he has already setup for me.

This was the case as he sank into me once again, seized his mouth with mine, then  pulled back to look down at me. The gleam in his eye appeared which made me laugh.

“Have a new idea?”

He didn’t answer me directly, but started untying me including the end of cord around each thigh, careful to leave the other end attached to each nipple. He pulled me to the end of the bed and stood me up.  Taking each wrist, he put it behind me back and tied the end of the cord attached to my nipple – crisscrossing them so that my chances of pulling them would be greater, then he bent me over the end of the bed, face down.  Lifting my hips to the appropriate height, he drove his cock into me again.  The motion of him going in and out of me caused those cords  to pull more than I had anticipated, but in a good way – walking that fine line between pleasure and uncomfortable pain. 

He paused for a moment then I felt his hand strike my ass.  I jumped a bit as it caught me off guard. He rubbed the spot he had just struck, then I felt his hand leave my ass and it land on the other side.  This went on – his fucking me slowly – then pausing to strike my ass sometimes with his hand, sometimes with his paddle.   At one point, he paused and reached down to move my hair from my face – so I can catch glimpses of him.

I felt his cock leave my body, then I heard him shuffling through his bag again. Suddenly I felt something new invade my body – he had brought along a toy – and a big one at that.  As he fucked me with the dildo, he would spank me or swat my ass with his paddle.  Then he’d continue his assault on my pussy or he’d slide the toy out and his cock in.  But when his cock invaded me, he drove me into the bed rubbing my tender nipples against the comforter.

His cock left me one more time, then he stood me up and turned me onto my back – on the edge of the bed. Once buried inside me, he leaned down and licked and tugged at my nipples.  My reaction caused him to smile before he started fucking me in earnest – making sure my breasts swayed as he did it – pulling my nipples a bit more against the restraint. 

“You want me to cum?”

“Yes” was my answer. 

His pace quickened a bit more, then he pulled me off the bed and onto his knees – my mouth found his cock and sucked him deep as he filled my mouth. 

He eventually untied me and helped me up, then we collapsed on the bed. 

“I hope you don’t think I’m done with you because I am just beginning.”

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  1. frances says:

    Wow! I really can’t wait to read the next bit. Such great detail. I feel like MY nipples are sore after reading. 😉

  2. John and Ann says:

    Three is clearly a magic number! This is an incredibly well-told story of a very hot encounter!

  3. Sa says:

    Shouldn’t have read this in the library 🙂

  4. Damn! I shouldn’t have read this while aching for the need to release

  5. jewel says:

    yes reading this in the library would have resulted in me being thrown out!

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