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While I know many experienced rain this weekend, we, in the Pacific NW, experienced sun….oh, glorious sun.  Many, like me, were finally able to mow our lawns, wash our cars, and just generally allow for that glorious yellow thing in the sky to recharge our soul-ar batteries.

In my little part of the Pacific NW, we have had almost 5 inches of rain this month.  The last month of June to be this wet? 1888. FOR THE MONTH! We were only 10 days into the month when we hit that record.  The river is so high that many wonder where the snow melt is going to go.  I ran in sunshine on Saturday morning.  Twelve miles in the sun.  It was warm compared to running in the rain, but no one cared. I mean, the sun was out.  How could you care or worry.

Yes, you read that correctly – I ran 12 miles Saturday. It hurt because there were a lot of good hills, but it felt pretty good.  I love the power a long run gives me.  I love looking at the distance I covered in the city. I am, to be honest, in awe of myself.  That is the piece that makes running long distances addicting. Realizing as you are driving somewhere and seeing a sign that says “Location in 12 miles” and think “I ran that distance the other day – wow”.  The realization of how powerful the human body truly is.  I feel the same awe when I watch those doing an iron man or riding a century bike ride (100 miles) or the Tour de France.  Wow. 

But then again, I’m someone who, while driving out to Oregon the first time, wondered how those pioneers did that.  I mean, talk about endurance and human spirit to overcome adversity.  The mental fortitude is similar but not really any different than biking 100+ miles or running 12-26 miles or more.  At the end of the day, wow. 

I love hanging out with parents of teenagers – especially good parents of teenagers.  While the mom admitted in front of her son that she expected he would be the one to get in trouble with sex before alcohol or drugs.  He half heartedly denied it, but we all knew the truth. I’ve heard enough stories to be on the side of his parents on this one. The funniest exchange: when his mom said he couldn’t get in trouble in a compact car they will be driving.  His dad says to me under his breath something about doing fine in a VW Bug.  His son heard him. And also the part about having sex while driving.  I guess his girlfriend at the time was talented.  You could see those gears turning in that teenage mind of his son’s head.  The conversation was even funnier from there as his son admitted to lusting after a 32 year old woman. Mom was shocked. Dad laughed.  Guess who the son takes after?  This is why, IMO, they are going to be fine with their son. He’s open with them. They are realistic about him and what will likely transpire before he’s 18.  And, they have a true dialog about it. Their kids are all good kids because of it.  I doubt they will have any problems.  I love great teenage role-models. 

Monday is the final day of girl scouts for the year.  Tomorrow, we’re having a party. They need some normalcy and to blow off some steam.  I hope it is fun.  I’m actually going to drive to work tomorrow.  Seems like a waste of money, but I need to do some errands before heading up to the school.  This will save me time. 

The last day of school is Tuesday – then Thursday for my husband.  Then summer will be in full effect.  I both love and hate this time of year.  I’m going to have to schedule a playdate this week with SG.  We will have to be more creative after this week when we play as the house will be occupied.  I’m sure we can handle it. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. It sounds like you have a very busy week ahead of you. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. I am still waiting to see it on the East Coast.

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and happy end of the school year to all. 🙂

  3. DCHY says:

    Never been able to run 2 miles. I am working on it tho…goal is 10 miles so I can do the mini triathlon next year. 🙂

  4. Just me... says:

    Here’s hoping the summer break will be a good one!!
    As for the running, 12 freaking miles!!! Big time Congrats!!!!

  5. Vixen says:

    Our rivers are *bursting* with run off from the mountains. As in….yellow taped off, dangerous, crazy high.

    Twelve miles! Very impressive! I love days where I can just go and go….. live for those moments.

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