Face Down

Flat, on the bed, face down, I found myself.  His hands on my shoulders keeping me pressed down into the mattress as he fucked me hard from behind. All I could do is moan my response and enjoy the sensation. 

Flat, on the bed, face down, as I felt his cock leave my pussy.  Felt the wetness against my ass as he prepared to enter it.

Flat, on the bed, face down, I was held as he pushed into my ass.  No question as to if I wanted it – no choice really other than the choice I made when I chose to be with him….chose to give myself to him as his toy.

Flat, on the bed, face down, he laid on top of me. His lips on my ear as he alternated between biting it and kissing it.  Then moved to my back as he bit me gently, than hard – not moving inside me – letting me get used to the invasion.

Flat, on the bed, face down, I moaned as he moved – fucking me slow at first, then increasing to a faster pace.  My moans getting louder as he moved faster. My urge to push back was great, but the hand on my back and in my hair as he kept me where he wanted me – the feeling of helplessness – reminded me I was his to do with what he pleased.

Flat, on the bed, face down, he came – deep inside me – thrusting hard – taking what he wanted from my body. But also knowing I loved it.

Flat, on the bed, face down, he caressed me – hugging me – silently thanking me for spending the night with him so that he could push me, face down, flat on the bed, and do these sorts of things to me.

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  1. Sexy Tigerx says:

    Wow, I wonder if this will ever happen to me? I really want it too. Love it sweetie!

    xoxo, crystal

  2. John and Ann says:


    Thanks for sharing another wonderfully told story which the dynamic of this play as a giving, rather than a taking, of something.

  3. Whew. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  4. Bella says:

    Whew. Love this. Very erotic.

  5. Vixen says:

    You had me so in the moment.

    I love it like that. *fans self*

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