Day 169-170 – Roses and Yoda


Being married to a comic book/sci-fi geek, you find that you own things like molds that allow you to make pancakes in the shapes of Star Wars characters.  The girls say that the ears are the most tenderest parts of Yoda’s head.  They ate them first.  He also looks funny without his ears – yet another reason to eat them first.  The other two molds were Darth Vader and a random Storm Trooper.  They were quite awesome, I’ll admit it.  Don’t know where Garbanzo found them, but I suspect they will be requested again.

The rain has been destroying my roses. But today, I found one that looks gorgeous despite the rain. And it is one of the “smelly breeds” of roses too. 

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  1. Babe Lincoln says:

    Okay, I gotta get the yoda mold! I have a hubby and daughter who would go crazy for that! I’m on a mission now : )

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