Day 163 – Lens Baby

On an impulse, I bought a lens baby – this weird lens that creates interesting effects. It frustrated the hell out me, so it has been sitting in the bottom of my camera bag. I realized today when looking through said bag that it frustrated me because I didn’t know how to adjust my camera manually – a requirement for using this lens.  So, I put it on to test my theory.  It’s amazing what a difference learning how to use the features on my camera makes.  I’ll be playing with this some more, I’m sure.  These are all straight-out-of-camera shots. I cropped one – but that’s it. 

Because there were many I wanted to share, I made them smaller than normal. 
To see these pictures full size, click on the camera on the upper right there. Or click here.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Cool pictures! I’m glad you figured the lens baby out.

  2. IveyLane says:

    Absolutely lovely! Glad you figured it out so we can enjoy your efforts. 🙂

  3. 13messages says:

    These are great. You make me want to get a lens baby.

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