Bullets over Friday

I decided given how I don’t have one thought but many, I would employ the great bullets blog.
  • I think the drama I had hoped would be ending at work is going to be taken to a new level.  After listening to round 2 of “I hate IT” from the executive whose project I managed, I summarized the info and sent it to the head of IT.  I’m sick of it personally – and he also has sort of an approach to this project that has me ultra-concerned.  The analogy I used was that the project I’m doing is like the re-commitment ceremony – meanwhile one of the people getting married is planning for the ultimate divorce and remarriage to the next person.  Kinda makes it hard to feel like there is a real commitment here. 
  • This weekend is gay pride weekend in our fair city. This means that Derek is staying with us.  I’ve decided I should just pay for him to come down once a month and let him clean my house top to bottom. He’ll get a trip to see friends. I’ll get a clean house. He’ll also make some money.  It’s a win-win situations.  Derek – since you are likely reading this, interested?
  • My parents showed up Wednesday night out of the blue.  Let me rephrase that – they called Garbanzo and asked if they could come and stay with us. He said sure. Then they all told me they would see me around 6pm.  Planning is clearly not my parents’ strong suit.  They had fun with the girls. It was a nice evening.  And one that involved me sitting in a chair in the corner uploading my HNT picture and post while talking about the church woes with my parents.  Yeah, I’m going to hell.
  • I started my day today at an ungodly hour. It could be worse, so thankfully the meeting I had to facilitate only involved someone in the Midwest.  I did realize fairly quickly upon arriving at the building that I didn’t have access to the building before 7am.  Fuck.  Thankfully someone in building management knew me and got me into the building and up to my floor.  You not only need card key access after hours, but also card key access to work the elevator.   Oops.
  • School ended for the kids on Tuesday.  They have been spending days with friends lately.  Garbanzo has finally gotten his room ready for the summer maintenance crew.  In his district, you have to pretty much pack up the classroom – or at least anything that is on the linoleum floor before you can leave.  He has all of the lockers for the middle school kids.  His room is huge and had the space the halls did not have.  This made his job a bit worse than usual.   Layer onto it a few other factors beyond his control, and it took a bit longer than usual.  But its done and he’s done.
  • 15 days until the half marathon.  
  • This yellow thing in the sky has decided to make an appearance for the weekend. I’d call it its name, but I’m afraid to scare it away.
  • Father’s Day is this weekend. Don’t forget to get dad a tacky tie or some sort of tool.  (Minds out of the gutter on that last one.)
Happy Friday!

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  1. Ms Scarlett says:

    Kick some butt on that half marathon! Good luck!

  2. LOL you know me too well. Let’s talk about it tonight!

  3. I am sure you will kick butt in the 1/2 marathon. And remember if you are going to hell, is it really that bad? Most of your friends will be there.

  4. garbonzo says:

    I’m sure you will kick ass on the 1/2. I’ll cheer you on, and DJ will have signs with you as a chicken.

  5. IveyLane says:

    I’m finally getting around to catching up so this is an “all encompassing comment” on your last 4 or 5 posts! Lady, you make me laugh out loud. I can fully picture the HNT/Church discussion scenario. DJ’s chicken obsession and your portrayal of the same is hysterical. The work situation sure doesn’t seem funny but the irritation just burns through the screen.

    Enjoy the half marathon and if it hasn’t been scared off yet, that big yellow thing in the sky!


  6. Vixen says:

    Hell will be fun, we’ll all be in great company 😉

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