A Glimpse into Emmy’s Brain

There are times when I envision his voice in my ear – his lips inches from it – as he is demanding in that growl of his that I cum. “Come on, Emmy – cum”, he demands.

Or I heard his voice – tell me exactly, in those crude words, what he wants me to do to me in detail – that details that only he gives – and in that voice – that voice that turns me on more than I could ever imagine – then he could even imagine.

More than I could even imagine.


I am a month away from my half marathon. I’m going to institute my rule about beer consumption. If I want a beer, I have to run.  I haven’t been running enough. But I will now. Damn vice!


Garbanzo and I had one of those weekends where we had several days where we could not get on the same page. Yesterday morning, he comments that he needs to get his meds refilled. I innocently ask when was the last time he’s had these meds. Friday. Oh…..guess that explains why we were having issues getting on the same page. Kinda hard to get one the same page with someone who….look at that cool shiny thing! Can we go look at it? I’m sure it won’t take long! Please??!!

Yeah, there were parts of our weekend that were long and frustrating…..at least for me.


Garbanzo enjoys porn parodies. So, we started watching the Big Bang Theory parody.  As we were watching Tivo – specifically Monday’s Big Bang Theory – he kept saying “see, wouldn’t that make a great porn??!” 

I have just been informed that he’s currently downloading the Batman porn.

Oh and he claims that the porn parody had an engaging “plot”.


The inbreeding, I mean, in-fighting among the account team managers is driving me fucking nuts. I have started to put up boundaries with all of them in terms of what I care about and don’t care about (none of it, in case you couldn’t guess.)  And the executive – he realized this weekend that his neck is on the line, so he’s trying to take as many people down as possible.  Today he bitched to me about IT. He knows I am and always will be an IT person at heart, so I don’t know why he thought I would let this slide.  “They should have been all over this issue” was his big beef.  Here’s the rub.  Even he won’t fund a proper IT support model for this app. I told him two months ago that this would bite them in the ass, and he told me I was thinking too big.  So today, I reminded him this was “you get what you pay for” support.  Congrats.  This is the downside.  He stuttered, he fumbled with his words, but then he blamed his cohort.  What a dumb ass.


Oh and this is quickly becoming my mantra at work:

While I would love a full-time job, I figure its time they all learn what they are in for if they hire me. Plus, while I normally would not care if I was the one to blame, I am quickly deciding that I refuse to be to blame for their fucking political games. So, game on.  I wish them luck because I came from a company where I learned from the best. And I win. Cocky? Oh yeah. But few would fuck with me at the last place because of it.  There is a good reason for it too. 

And yes, I worked one of two days this week, and they have put me into this mood. Good times.


My last Wednesday thought – more like my thoughts of what Thursday will bring for me…..probably a bit of this…

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  1. John and Ann says:

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  2. John and Ann says:


    I’m with Garbanzo–I like the idea of parody porn, but they never seem to live up to my hype. Seldom do they even qualify as decent porn–just some lame excuse sell a few thousand dvds.

    As for the Batman parody, I will be interested in your review as it is sitting on our hard drive as well.

    Finally, inspirational photo!

  3. Topaz says:

    “Build this” – when ‘this’ has no existing infrastructure and requires system changes and a good chunk of coding. I feel your pain – don’t see why the numbers can’t speak for themselves.

    About parody porn…?!?!? Hahaha… I think it would turn me off quickly.

    And that growl telling you what to do? That would turn me on too.

  4. Vixen says:

    Well…those top couple lines got my morning started JUST right! *ahem*

    Parody porn….not quite sure I would be a huge fan of that. LOL

  5. Just me... says:

    Oh, there was a guy in Starbucks this morning that had one of those voices!! A low growl that was just drenched in sex…
    Sadly, then I turned around.. 🙁
    Ahh.. One can dream!! :):)

  6. DCHY says:

    (In a feral growl) Emmy, I want to see Thursday. 😉

  7. Maggie says:

    Playmate of the Apes. Next to Pirates, most entertaining porn I’ve ever seen.

  8. You know, there is supposedly Glee parody porn out there.

    Just saying!

    And I hate when people underfund stuff drastically and then wonder why it wont work

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