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This afternoon, Derek heads back to Seattle after a nice long visit. And like before, we will miss him terribly. It has been so nice having someone we consider not only our friend, but a member of our family around again. I hope he found the trip what he needed.  And we hope he will return to visit again soon.

I’m actually going to wrap up my week starting on Friday. I alluded to my work week being, uhm, interesting – but Friday afternoon was ridiculous as I found myself playing babysitter between two executives and their boss. I must mention they are all on the same floor near each other and 4 stories above me. I was being asked to communicate between them because technology and their feet were clearly failing them. After several back and forth calls, I finally went up to their floor and literally dragged them into meetings. It’s no wonder I went home and opened a cold beer.  I can only hope that this week is not much of the same. If it is, I’m not going to be happy. Or at least my liver will not be happy.

Midweek, I went to the chiropractor and was met with good news. My body was still in good alignment. Cool! I decided to resume my every 3-4 week visit schedule per our agreement – versus the weekly schedule I have been on. Saturday morning as I’m on mile 4 of what was to be my 10 mile run, the tell tale sign of my back being out reared it’s ugly head. And this sign – if ignored – has bad consequences that will last a week or longer. I cut my run short to 7 miles instead. Needless to say, I’m going to have to go begging for an appointment this week.

Saturday afternoon was soccer for Indigo, and a service project for DJ.  DJ and Garbanzo were headed with her troop to go volunteer at the animal shelter. And thus began my three hours of picture messages from Garbanzo showing me the animals he wanted to bring home. The last was this gorgeous female Australian shepherd. Of course, he wouldn’t bring her home to me. I thought she would make a fabulous running partner. I’ve fallen in love with the one the running coach has who is just a sweetie pie. And she begs to run with us each time we go out – and often does come with us.

Indigo did great in soccer. My little brute scored 3 goals due to her sheer persistence. She has so much fun doing it. I’m glad she’s found a sport she enjoys. This definitely seems like her sport. And I was happy because we didn’t get dumped on like we had the weekend before.

Sunday was a lazy day, but we spent a fun afternoon and evening with SG and his family. The kids had a blast – all of them – and we had fun sitting around, talking, and making fun of the kids. Was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and evening. These types of things are what we were hoping to find with another couple. A couple we could have fun with regardless of the situation – sexual or non. It is kind of a funny situation though to “act” vanilla with the kids around us.

This week is going to be kinda crazy as we have lots of plans. We see David Sedaris on Friday. We have a meet and greet with a woman who contacted us on AFF. A dinner date with some friends of ours another time this week. And hopefully another night of beer and good conversation with another friend. It’s funny how our social calendar seems to get booked up, but it’s all good. Work is supposed to be crazy this week, so it’ll be nice having a chance or three to blow off some steam.

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  1. Sa says:

    You sound so efficient. It must be horrible working with people who don’t have your quickness or your energy! (aka most people). It’s the downside of being clever, no?

  2. Vixen says:

    A full social calendar is always fun. I love it when it’s like that.

    I have a mini Aussie and she is hands down the best dog I’ve ever had. And she does make an excellent running partner 🙂

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Aaah, Soccer. March, April and May of any given year finds me on the Soccer fields on the weekends.

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