Sex and a VW Bus

My husband for about six months has been wanting a VW Bus or a Westie. He has visions of loading up the girls and taking off on the weekend – seeking out new places to call home overnight. Or loading up and going to races – a portable triathlon van on the go.  He has sought out ones for sale. He has sent me link after link after link trying to convince me that we REALLY needed one.

And my answer each time – NO. (Yeah.  But what you really mean is, “No, not THAT one…)

I camped as a kid. I love camping. I have no aversion to the idea of camping. So, why is my answer NO?

I have married a man who I had to teach how a combustion engine worked. (Your father taught me)
I had to teach him how to check oil and WHY you check oil. (I knew WHY.  I just couldn’t find the dipstick.)
I had to teach him how to pump his own gas. (I grew up in Oregon.  It is one of two states in the U.S. where it is illegal to pump your own gas.)
I had to point out to him that when a car drives like that, it is NOT normal. (I’m pretty sure you are talking about your brother here.)

He is not a man who should have some sort of rebuilding project where engines are involved.

Friday, he mentioned how he was going to drive by a wrecking yard on the way home. He heard they had a VW bus, and he wanted to see it. I thought nothing of this – I mean, I have been hearing about it for about six months now. Like I said, I thought nothing of it until….

I got a text message…..

…..saying he bought it. (Actually, I think I asked if we still had AAA.  I wasn’t ready to drop the bomb on you that I had actually bought the thing!)


We hadn’t talked about it first. And now, NOW, I’m going to have this non-running VW Bus in front of my house. (TEMPORARILY not running)

His response: “I guess it’s good I got it since I’ll need a place to sleep until you forgive me.” (Much more comfortable than the couch!)

The kids are super excited. They think it is the coolest thing ever. They have bought into his vision of family trips and weekend wanderings. Indigo has decided this is going to be her car when she gets old enough as she sits in the driver’s seat and starts telling everyone where she’s driving them.

Friday night, we went out to see David Sedaris speak – and we started talking about it. Until this point, I had not seen this purchase. I was conflicted in terms of reactions. Part of me was pissed. He went off and spent that money without consulting me – and on something he knew I did not approve. The other part of me was in the space of thinking whatever – he bought it. At least I can now stop hearing about it constantly. (and start hearing about all the cool things I am doing to it!!!!) (And admit it, it is pretty AWESOME!!!!)

Later that night, we were talking about our upcoming weekend and week. I was supposed to have a playdate with SG Saturday afternoon (a playdate that was sadly canceled due to illness) – the meeting with the unicorn on Saturday night.  Next week, I have a few things planned – and we have a party we are going to. 

“A few things planned?” was his comment.

“Yeah, you knew about SG and me, right?”


“And I’m hoping for naked some naked time with another friend too – I think it’s time.”

“Oh, you are, are you?”

“You and I have talked about it.”

“No, we haven’t.”

“We haven’t?”

“Nope” was his response with a smirk.

“This is my VW bus, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah.”

I should mention that Garbanzo is fine with everything. He knew things were going that direction – and expected it and was fine with it. We just make a point out of explicitly talking about these things even if it is assumed. Keeps things from going sideways due to someone making a bad assumption. (There are plenty of other ways for things to go sideways!)

I guess we both kinda went forward and made a decision without the other.

Thankfully, I guess, we are both fine with it all. (I’m good with it)

But I do think I’m going to have the better deal. (Don’t know. Is your playmate covered in mosaic tiles?) 

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  1. John and Ann says:


    That this the quintessential VW BUS–the tiles alone have knock a mile or two off the fuel efficiency. Did it come with a lifetime supply of patchouli oil too? LOL

    Seriously though, when you get it running, it will make for some great weekends exploring the Pacific Northwest. In the meantime, maybe a HNT shot or two in the back of the van?

  2. I don’t know how i feel about a VW Bus. I understand that you all can whisk away for the weekend which i think the girls would love. But all the maintenance and work going into it. Do you think you can handle it. But i know you will have a blast. I can’t want to see this beast in person!

  3. Osbasso says:

    I really thought this post was going to end with you and Garbonzo having sex in the back of the VW bus. Which may or may not have brought back a memory or two…

  4. Vixen says:

    I thought the same thing as Os, lol.

  5. Hubman says:

    Any bets on how many potholes he hits until the tiles start falling off? lol…

    This will be an interesting storyline to follow!

  6. Just me... says:

    Oh, hell.. I love the tiles!!
    As for the sex, well.. I imagine the van isn’t a virgin!!!
    Enjoy!! :):)

  7. This will be very interesting to follow. Hopefully you will get the vehicle running.

  8. garbonzo says:

    There is a guy coming out on Wednesday to take a look at it to tell me what is wrong with it and a “to-do” list in order of importance. the biggest thing, right now, is to get it running. I have a feeling Emmy will be much happier once it has rolled a few feet under its own power. For now, the girls (and all the other kids in the neighborhood) are happy to have a new playhouse.

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