Friday Field Trip


I love it when Dad’s do awesome things in the name of doing something cool for their kids. Check out Jim’s Pancakes – a dad who create the most awesome pancakes for his little girl.  And he makes some amazing stuff.

Kind of on the opposite end of spectrum is a great site – a site that parents can related to – and those without kids can cringe at.  Shit my Kids Ruined – I guess I should send a picture in of my couch – a couch less than 6 months old – a couch that is broken thanks to two girls who jump on it in order to sit down on it.  Or the old couch….which they totally destroyed too. My list is too long.

The field of dreams in Iowa is for sale. I have played ball on this field 4 times. We used to make our softball coach in college stop so we could play on it. I can’t remember how many times it has been at risk at being plowed under. Should be interesting to see who buys it and what they do. I hope they keep it around.  And yes, Garbanzo, I know that they drove around a VW bus in that movie.

Remember this picture? I’m being lazy by not going to find it in my archives. It is the art piece that Garbanzo had made from a picture he took of me. The artist posted it on her blog here.  And I realized I hung it on the wall wrong…..oops.

 See that thing on top of the building. It is a weather beacon. And it is on the building next to the one I work in, in downtown Portland. Why do I show it to you? Because it has been red. It has not been red since I started. Red mean warmer. A solid red means warmer, and there is no rain.  Our weather is going to be gorgeous all weekend. I can’t wait. I’ve needed sun.

There will likely be no picture of the day tomorrow. I have an overnight playdate with SG. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been able to play – and we decided to take advantage of the fact I will be alone tomorrow night.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. southerngirl says:

    The art piece is gorgeous Emmy!! I had never seen it. I hope you have fabulous weekend of fun and weather!


  2. Just me... says:

    Shit My Kids Ruined is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!! :):)

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