Day 150 – Images from The Hood


This is the doorway to the no-longer-operating Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. It held shows – art and theater – and is just a neat old firehouse that sits right next to a gorgeous park. Why is it now “no longer operational”? From what I’ve heard, the director of the place drove it financially into the ground via her “training” classes. One such class was held on a 5 day cruise in the Caribbean, if memory serves. The cost was six figures easily. She did this in like 6-9 months, if I recall.  

This is the new cob-mud structure they are building next to the charter school. The place is being built by families of the school under the guidance of The Mud Girls Collective. It’s pretty amazing to see what they are building into the walls.

Like gnomes.

And several faces. The eyes are going to be either open holes or glass bottles. There is also a bench that looks like a lion. It’s pretty cool.

What do you think?

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