Day 139 – Mount St Helens


Not the greatest picture, but the best you’ll get on a spring day when storms keep rolling through. Garbanzo often tells stories about how different it looked pre-eruption. He remembers getting it confused with Mt Hood – both had the same shape and size from here. He also recalls when it erupted getting into trouble. He wrote his name in the ash that covered his parents’ car not realizing he was etching it into the paint job.

A few years ago, Mt St Helens awoke for several month spewing ash and steam into the air. The frequency of the earthquakes had people wondering if it would do a real eruption again. Instead the lava dome grew as we all watched. It was pretty amazing to see actually – geology in action. Awesome.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Volcanos exhibit amazing power.. Lucky you getting to watch one from a safe distance!! :):)

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