Day 120 – PIzza!


While Garbanzo regrets his decision about tonight, the girls and I made homemade pizza. I worked at two different pizza places in high school and for a couple of summers in college. And the moment I turned 18 – old enough to operate the Hobart and the dough roller, I became dough girl. I made more pizza dough that one could ever imagine. And I rolled out thousands of crusts – THOUSANDS! It was rather insane. I would get there at 7am to start for the 10am opening. Nothing as much fun as pre-iPod days being alone in the kitchen making dough until others arrived.

Why would Garbanzo be regretting his decision? He volunteered to chaperon the middle school lock-in at the school. Yes, he has within his care 60-70 kids ages 12-15 years old. As one of his pregnant cohorts said – SUCKER!

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  1. 采瑩 says:

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  2. Well it looks like he missed a fab dinner.

  3. That looks awesome. 🙂
    I hope Garbanzo survived. lol.

  4. Just me... says:

    Poor Garbanzo!! I’ll bet he’ll want a nap today!!
    And maybe a little left-over pizza!! :):):)

  5. Emmy says:

    Playfully Yours – He did! Turns out the pizza they got delivered for the event wasn’t that great, so when he saw this pic, he was jealous.

    Minority Report – He did survive. And ironically, he set off the fire alarm through a total fluke.

    Just me – He can’t have any pizza. We took advantage of him being gone and put meat on it. 🙂

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