The Right Spot

I don’t cum easy.

My clit is fickle. If it doesn’t get treated exactly right, there is no orgasm. Just frustration.

As for g-spot orgasms, it’s the same thing – lots of pleasure, no completion.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I enjoy sex. A lot. I get a lot of pleasure from it. Having an orgasm each time is not something I feel I need to be completely satisfied. Sometimes, my body is enjoying the sensory overload so much that an orgasm isn’t really possible. I have to come down from it a bit before it’s possible.  Periodically, someone will get the right spot. They will surprise me with an orgasm. And a g-spot one – one where I gush as I cum – that’s only happened a couple times. Like I can tell you each of the other times, they were memorable and happy accidents at the time.  Because this is how I am, I am always take responsibility for my own orgasm.

I’m sure this frustrates some guys despite the fact I am pretty upfront about it. I don’t throw it down like a challenge to them nor am I flippant about it, I just am how I am.  Guys that understand it and don’t take it personally usually incorporate it into play. I mean, what guy doesn’t get off watching a woman bring herself to an orgasm? But, there are times where I am surprised.

Like during my overnight with TL. After fucking and giving myself an orgasm, I felt his fingers slide into me. I figured he was going to play with me a bit more. I do like being fucked after I cum. It extends the feeling. Those were my thoughts that flew right out of my head the minute his fingers curled up under my pubic bone and found that spot. The feeling – that sudden pleasure took me by surprise. And to lay there doing nothing but enjoying it – no work on my part – was odd but great at the same time.

His fingers stroked that spot faster. And that sensation – a different one from my other orgasm – grew. He had my laying there writhing and moaning as he increased the pace. He quickly switched hands, and didn’t break the rhythm.  Moments later, I felt myself release – a different kind of release that earlier. A release that was drawn out – was coaxed from me. I could feel that I was covering his hand as I came.

But he didn’t stop. He kept going – seeing if he could coax from me another release. And he did.

Afterward, I just laid there feeling totally wrung out. To be so passive – to have that orgasm coaxed from me – and to experience that sort of orgasm on purpose was … wow!

And it wasn’t a fluke.
He did it again later.

I guess it has all been a matter of technique. I know Garbanzo is hoping to get some pointers next time we both see TL.
Because that is definitely worth learning how to repeat.

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  1. I first have to admit that it is easy for me to cum. So if I don’t cum, it is because they came in two seconds.
    I love hearing about a lady who is hard to cum when someone cums along and makes you purr like a kitten..lucky you.

    Does this constitute a Do-over???

  2. *twitches*

    Ok anyways, what was I gonna say? Oh. yeah. Equally as fickle here, as you know. so yeah when it happens its cause for marking the calendar, lol. and then you wanna go analyze it and turn it into a science experiment to figure out how to recreate it.

  3. Topaz says:

    Seems like profession isn’t the only thing we have in common! Oh, to find someone who knows exactly how to draw it from you… what a feeling. Nice to see you had an enjoyable evening 😉

  4. Vixen says:

    And now that you know and have found this out…um, I’d def be wanting him to give Garbonzo pointers, lol.

    I have to admit, I do cum easily. Actually, I have 2 types. The rolling, small ones that are OH SO enjoyable are fairly easy to come by. But the really, super intense ones…..not so much. Have to work for those.

  5. Secretia says:

    I would put everything else in my life on the back burner, and concentrate on your orgasms.

  6. I so understand what you are saying. I too usually take responsibility for my own orgasms… makes it easier on everyone involved 😉 but once in a great while isn’t it nice not to feel so hard to please – to have that magic button pushed and to just lose it and to feel so tired and satisfied, yes isn’t it nice

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