GLEE: The Flash Mob!

I love flash mobs. The work that the put into it. The suddenness of it. The entertainment value as you hear the comments from the crowd. But, this one – this one is extra special. Why? Derek – our friend and former roommate – is in it. Watch the videos – they did it in 3 different locations in Seattle on Saturday. Derek is the guy in green who helps carry the girl into the circle at the start of the first song. He had so much fun – and I’m happy he got to participate. This is TOTALLY his thing. And I hope to see him more of these in the future.

And if you haven’t watched Glee – start watching it. Comes back on this week. It’s hilarious and the music is pretty good too. The music teacher inspired Garbanzo to use the “Glee method” in class for punishment. If the kids leave their shit behind (text books, coats, etc), they must perform to get it back. Yes, it is questionable punishment in terms of what is deemed acceptable this day and age, but who really is going to punish him for it. I mean, what’s a kid going to say – Mr Garbanzo made me sing? Doesn’t have quite the same ring as he made me run an hour worth of laps or something. (And for those of you, I hope there are none but who knows, that thinks that singing is cruel and assume he is not smart enough to realize that this could be traumatizing to some kids – he does. There is a reason schools have fought over him in the past – and its not because he’s stupid.)

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  1. My friend was there, too!

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