Friday Brain Dump (updated)

First off, thanks to everyone for their comments yesterday on my HNT. I should mention a few things:

  • That was not me on OHNT with that paddle. Total coincidence! As I told someone, a very telling sign if you see a picture of a woman and you think it is me – look at her hands. I would never have a manicure and painted finger nails. I am too apt to go do something to immediately destroy it if I did, so I don’t even try.
  • It didn’t hurt. Me saying this in print will likely make TL believe he needs to rise to the challenge next time, but really it was totally done for a picture only. The reason it was so red was because I have a very fair complexion. It doesn’t take much to make me red.
  • I do have a high pain tolerance. I cannot deny that, but seriously – it didn’t hurt.

April Fool’s Day is always fun. It’s always fun to see what Google, or shall I call them Topeka, does. They tend to go a bit nuts which I love to see big companies do. The Animal Translator was also very nice.

ThinkGeek is another site that goes crazy. They have to be careful though as they have a history of presenting a gag only to discover there is a market for such things. Then they end up making it. Last year, it was the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. This year, their pranks included the Dharma Project Alarm Clock, My First Bacon, and MoodINQ for people who like to change their tattoos but don’t want that nasty cost of laser removal.

From Hey Epiphora, we have the review for the Cherry-Scented Vibro Dong. But, I do have to say that comic sans as a font and the pink theme with hearts was also a nice touch. My favorite part of the review was when she said she liked to set the dong on the windsill so it could catch the sunlight.

The Great and Wonderful Os also had a nice, albeit annoying prank. In the end, all readers got quite familiar with Google Translator.  I will have to say that putting everything into Arabic was also a nice touch. Bravo!

My all time favorite prank is still what my husband did to the gay rugby team he played for.

But, I will have to say that my teammates at work do a pretty awesome job themselves. Since the boss is gone, they have taken it upon themselves to pull many pranks on him. It started with them exploiting the fact he is on vacation but checking his email. A string of emails concluded with a picture of what his office looks like with cube in it. His big boss chimed in with an apology for the space constraint and how she was aiming to rectify it by October. Of course, our boss can’t reply because he’s on vacation. Tomorrow, the prank is going to be planting a weed farm on his desk. He has dreams of one day owning a farm, but he kills all of his plants. A year ago, they took his plants away and gave him a stick in dirt. I really love this team.

I am hoping this cold goes away this weekend. I am definitely getting better, but the coughing is killing me. And, I think I gave it to TL. Nothing like sharing with your friends, I guess.

Happy Friday!

Updated: okay, since I saw this on the local news this morning I had to included it. Someone renamed a street in my part of the city Tonya Harding Avenue as an April Fool’s Day prank. This is funny for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is Tonya Harding, but also because they renamed one of the streets at the center of a street renaming debate which lasted about a year. In the end the city renamed a different street. Wonder how many residents freaked out about this name change. (Because the idea of changing the name caused them to freak out BAD!)

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  1. Epiphora cracked me up with her blog make-over and ridiculous review. I was chuckling through the whole thing. So glad her blog is back to normal now, though. All the pink and sparkles killed me.

    I’m glad you’re getting better. Hopefully you’ll be feeling all better soon! =)

  2. Secretia says:

    Make that nasty cold go away quick, Happy Easter.

  3. Osbasso says:

    Oh, I hope you noticed the Icelandic, Welsh, Russian, Vietnamese and Hindi that I also used! Caught the Topeka and missing vowel pranks, but missed out on the Animal Translator. 🙁

    LOVED the ThinkGeek stuff! The “2001” Monolith action figure caught my eye!

  4. Joker_SATX says:

    I could not get a prank in edgewise. Everyone ducked for cover when they saw me walking down the hall….

  5. I washed my eyes and dried them after reading your post to make sure I didn’t get infected by your germs. 😉

  6. Vixen says:

    I have to say, I wondered if it were you on OHNT- BRIEFLY. Until I noticed the manicure 😉 I know you better than that.

  7. Daniel says:

    I turn red the same way… 🙂


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