Dressed for Success

I have already started to think.  Think about what I’m going to wear tomorrow.

Each time we are together, he unwraps me like a present. In fact, one time as I started to shed my clothes, he stopped me. He said he would shed his clothes, but for me – I was going to be undressed by him so that he could savor the experience – see what’s underneath. Strip me naked by peeling off layer after layer.

I’m a person that is pretty utilitarian. I don’t go crazy. I have matching sets – when I remember to match them.  I can dress up, but most of the time stay casual. It’s my comfort.  It’s who I am.

But for him, I have the urge to dress for him. Dress in layers. Maybe things that he truly has to unwrap. Maybe surprises, like one day, when he discovered I was sans panties under my skirt. He discovered that when I was sitting next to him in the car, on the way back to the hotel. His hand slid up my leg and he kept going when he suspected. It made us get to the hotel that day very quickly. And once we got there, he unwrapped my skirt – the skirt I had worn to work – to validate I was bare underneath. It cranked up the excitement …. for both of us.

I find great interest in how his preference has affected me. I am not one to dress for others but for myself. I dress in what makes ME feel good. But, my mind keeps going through my wardrobe – trying to decide what I want to wear. What would have the best effect.

I keep thinking about leaving early tomorrow. Beating him to my house so I can dress in something surprising for him. One day, we met at the house as I had been working from home. I was in a pair of running shorts – very tight, short running shorts and a zipped up hoodie. And that’s it. He loved unzipping me to discover me bare.

So I will have to figure out …. figure out how to be “business professional” on a casual Friday and still make this great experience for him….for both of us. Because tomorrow, we are going to have hours – 6 glorious hours – to have fun.

And I want to start it off with a bang.

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  1. frances says:

    This totally must be a girl thing. I constantly obsess about what I will wear to see D when obviously he’s just going to take it off anyway, but you’re right. It heightens the experience for both partners and can be such a fun little addition to foreplay! Hope you have a great time and find the perfect outfit!

  2. Maggie says:

    Dressing for it to be taken off? Yes please. Also dressing in things I know he’ll love. I enjoy reducing intelligent men to babbling puddles just by wearing a favorite kind of clothing (even if it’s not especially revealing!).

  3. John and Ann says:

    It sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you! We hope that you have a wonderful time and are able to savor each of those 360 minutes!

  4. Vixen says:

    I love obsessing about what I will wear for ‘him’. How he will react, what he might like to see me in most…take off of me most.

    Sounds like you have an amazing evening ahead of you!

  5. Ms Scarlett says:

    Start off with a bang… continue with a bang…. end with a bang….


    Have a great time!

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