Day 111-112: Farming in the City

My garden is growing. The broccoli seeds were planted a week ago. And all are coming up. So are the beets, the lettuce, and another veggie too – it escapes me at the moment. More will get planted soon. I have to get more compost for one of the new raised beds.

The chickens got their wings clipped last night. They were NOT happy. It was as if they knew we were restricting them. I give them a week before they figure out how to get airborne enough to get out. Yeah, I’m an optimist. This is DJ getting the eggs. They have decided not to lay in the coop, but created a nest outside of the coop behind the coop. She has to reach through the fence to get them.

As much as I bitch about the chickens, there is something nice about getting fresh eggs. We are starting to get overrun again. 2 eggs a day in a family where we don’t eat eggs on a daily basis adds up fast.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Do you bake? You could use the eggs for that and then freeze leftover baked goods.

  2. Babe Lincoln says:

    I am going to attempt my first small garden this summer. Last year I grew several herbs in pots around the deck and they were heavenly, so I’m ready to branch out into something bigger. We’ll see what happens!

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