Day 109 – Lines and Curves

My dad wondered if I hurt myself when he found me laying on my back under the arbor taking a picture. The wisteria is in bloom, but it’s the lines of the arbor and the curves of the vines that always intrigues me. This wisteria is 10 years old now. We built the arbor right around DJ’s first birthday. I remember back then wondering if it would ever cover the whole arbor. Now it is my quest to keep it from climbing my house, the neighbor’s house, the trees and the power lines. It is healthy, happy and grabbing onto everything it can attach itself too. And in the summer, we will sit beneath it with our friends and eat dinner – talk – and drink – and just enjoy the summer and outdoors. And the lines and curves will be camouflaged by the leaves.

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  1. Maggie says:

    I love this photo!

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