A Crazy Night

I love my family.

They make me laugh…a lot. And after sleep deprivation and a long weird day at work, I needed some craziness – and boy did I get it.

It started in the car. We got news yesterday that DJ had the highest writing score in fourth grade. Earlier, my husband was teasing her in front of her teacher that we would only lock her in the closet tonight instead of giving her a nightly beating. Being DJ, she celebrated being like Harry Potter or something. I told her in the car that I was extremely disappointed in her. I mean, she did not get a perfect score. She replied that she had gotten the highest score in the 4th grade.

Having a teacher for a dad (at your school none the less) sucks sometimes. “Did you get all 6s?”
“Um, no…but I got all 5s!!” was her response.
“Not good enough. You suck.” was my response.
And I got hit on the back of the head with a crayon.
I would have gotten mad, but the fact she actually hit me when she threw something at me was pretty impressive. That means her throwing skills are improving. She’s lucky I’m her “Moe”.

Indigo loves to gross her sister out. The more DJ gets grossed out, the more it eggs Indigo on. So I hear…

“EWWW!! No….NOOO!! Don’t touch me with THAT crayon!!”
“DJ, why are you suddenly scared of crayons?”
“She had it up her nose!!!”

Indigo’s maniacal laugh filled the car.

Then it was followed by….

“Moe! Indigo is carnivorous. She’s trying to eat me.”
“Everyone is carnivorous,” pointed out Indigo.
“Fine, you are a cannibal!”
“No I’m not, I’m a cantaloupe!”

Then they collapsed into laughter.

We get to where we are going, and I hear DJ tell Indigo….

“I have decided that I’m going to eat you. Then my digestive juices in my stomach are going to break you down so that I can poop you out.”

I look over at Garbanzo shaking my head to which he replies: “Awesome!”
I was just happy that they were not fighting.

But, the goofiest moment came later….back in the car.

Those three ride in the car too much together. And this is a great example of how I know this….

…..this song comes on the radio….that annoying Party in the USA song by Miley Cyrus….and they ALL start singing it. ALL of them…..Garbanzo included. And they all start dancing around in the car. But, the funniest part…..they all got the words wrong – the same words. I was laughing so hard that I was almost crying.

When we get home, Garbanzo asked DJ to go check for eggs.

“Didn’t you do it earlier when I asked you to?”
“But, Moe, the chickens are so cute and cuddly and and fluffy and warm and I just had to cuddle them ….they distracted me.”
“Go check for eggs.”

The evening continued in this vein the rest of the night.

Definitely was a good end to a long day.
Or at least a comedic one.

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  1. John and Ann says:


    Another very funny blog! When I read the crayon comment on Twitter, I wondered what was up with Indigo. After reading the whole story, I think that you deserved it! LOL

    I can also appreciate the radio story. I find myself singing the worst songs in the car.

    Have a great day!

  2. I love the crayon up the nose bit. lol.

  3. Fusion says:

    The stuff of good memories. Made me think of some of my own too, thanks.

  4. Vixen says:

    Crazy but good. I love reading about your family/kiddo antics 🙂

  5. Ms Scarlett says:

    OMG… LOVE this story…. had my laughing into my coffee!!

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