Week Wrap-Up and Friday Field Trips

My week has been …..yawn……boring.

You see, I’m a multitasker. I love having a huge to-do list. I love plowing through it. I like thinking about 12 things at once. But, my job is to do ONE project. And no one is 100% dedicated to it. So, when things are scheduled and everything is updated, I’m bored out of my flipping mind.

Toss in the fact that the guy who is sponsoring the project is a flake, and I’m either going crazy trying to undo and repair the damage he creates – or I’m bored out of my mind. Good times.
I would like to welcome my new readers to my blog. I’ve had a bunch of new people commenting which is awesome! Welcome and thank you!

Also, I’m behind in some of my blog reading and commenting. Forgive me. It’s been kind of a crazy week at home.
This weekend is the school’s annual auction. It annoys me to be honest. Garbanzo ends up getting dragged away, so I wander around myself. I get along with some of the parents, but I’m just not usually in the mood to BS with people. Just not me. If I’m lucky, maybe Swinger Dad will flirt with me again (insert eye roll here).  Toss in the fact that Garbanzo has gotten stuck doing the Middle School auction project, and I’m already annoyed. (Teachers are traditionally not supposed to be responsible for them – it is the parent volunteers who do it. But, they dropped the ball and they dropped it on him. Because, you know, he doesn’t have enough to do – so I’m sure they’ll bitch when their kids aren’t learning. But hey, he’s an adult and there, right.)
Now for some fun stuff….and enough of my annoyance…..

I bring you first – the Science Scouts complete with badges. For any of you science geeks (ahem – Hubman) you may find these interesting. You may be able to earn badges such as but not limited to:

  • Nerd Merit Badges.  Yes, I earn many of these myself.

    But, there is not a Nerd Badge for the guy on the train yesterday wearing the Battlestar Galactica replica jacket. He was quite proud of it. I mean, I’m married to a comic book geek, yet I make sure he isn’t “that guy”. I veto these sorts of purchases let alone forbid him from leaving the house wearing it.

    Now, I leave you with Girls with Slingshots – an online comic strip.
    I love the fact she throws a dildo at her. Seems appropriate.
    Happy Friday!!

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  1. Secretia says:

    That’s a new way to get hit in the head with a dildo…

  2. Vixen says:

    I love that she hit her on the head with a dildo. *snort*

  3. southerngirl says:

    Echo the above – what else can i say???


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