“I almost forgot,” he said after he released my nipple from his mouth, “I brought something with me.”

He left my side and went to where his clothes had been discarded. He was soon back with something in his hand. As he laid next to me again, propped up on an elbow, he held it up.  A small coil of white rope.

“What do you think you’re going to do with that?”

He gave me a grin as he uncoiled it. His hand went back to the breast he had just left and lifted it back toward his mouth, taking the nipple between his lips and teeth. The pleasure of what he was doing distracted me for a second until I felt the rope slide across my chest – bringing me back to what he else he was doing.

I looked down and watched him wrap the rope around one breast – then the other until he had them both bound – standing out in such a way that they were always within reach of his mouth and hands. Once done, he sat back and admired his work. “That looks REALLY good! You have the perfect tits for it.”

The pressure of having them bound made everything a bit more sensitive as he resumed his assault. His mouth was not only on my nipples, but he kissed and nibbled the skin – made taut by the rope binding them. He shifted around so he was now between my legs – readying himself to slide into my pussy. But he didn’t – he simply nestled his cock between my lips teasing me while he continued sucking and biting and squeezing my nipples.

The two sensations were almost too much for me. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted him to slide his cock into me hard and fuck me. So, I started moving my hips against him – trying to slide myself onto his cock. But he held firm.

His hands, no longer needed to bring my breast to his mouth, found my hands and pulled them above my head so they were stretched out high – keeping me from moving around too much.  His lips found mine, and at that moment, he slid into me – hard and fast.  As he filled my pussy, we both collectively moaned mid-kiss.

After a momentary pause, he started fucking me hard. Each thrust was so deep that my clit was slapped as he filled my pussy. His mouth left mine and found its way to my nipple – standing right there waiting for his mouth – in the perfect position.

He shifted positions and pulled my hands down with his – placing my hands on my breasts. The feeling of my breasts – they felt so different being bound tight as they were. “Squeeze your nipples” was his command, and I complied as he continued to fuck me in exactly the way that I needed and wanted.

“I really like the way that looks. Are your tits more sensitive?”
“Oh yeah! Very much so.”
“What do you want?”
“I want you to cum! Do you want to cum?”
“I do. But I want you to drink it.”
“I will.”

His pace quickened at my words. Clearly the way I readily agreed only added fuel to his fire. When he pulled out of suddenly, I shifted around so I could take his cock into my mouth. As I wrapped my lips around the head, I could feel his cock begin to spasm. I sucked him deeper, swallowing all he had to give me until I knew he was done.  Releasing his cock, I sat up. He pulled me in for a deep kiss, then we collapsed together onto the bed to catch our breath for round two.

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    There is something about rope that just makes everything hotter! 😉

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    that was fabulous! i was completely entralled. sounds exciting also.

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    The rope part is very. VERY. HOT.


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