…and the drama has begun……

My SIL: “what do we smell – is that why you came all this way and weren’t planning on spending time with us?”

Her sudden silence and the chill that went thru the room was explained later.

Seems she brought this up in disgust a couple days ago. My mom’s comment: “If I’m not mistaken, you were to your sister’s town, went to a family event, and didn’t even so much as make a phone call to see if they wanted to go. Hell, you were down the street from them. And YOU are judging them because they are considering meeting a friend while here?? Weren’t you hanging out with your friends while there?”

This information was based off a conversation my mom and I had about three weeks ago, so I hadn’t told anyone plans had changed.

My mom was giving my SIL the stink eye when this came up because my mom was not going to discuss this again.

And all of this happened within the first 2 hrs we were here.
Good times!
Why did my parents stop drinking again??

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  1. Hubman says:

    Sis-in-law sounds like a bitch. Umm, have a good rest of your visit…

  2. seriously Jr. High is over!

  3. frances says:

    ugh. so much for a relaxing weekend. stay strong! tell the big jesus head I said hi. he should remember me. he’s always looking down on MY head when i’m with my in-laws. 😉

  4. Tepid says:

    ahh…family. the ties that bind and gag in a not so tantilizing way.

    what did she smell? and did she smell it while her head was shoved up her ass?? grrr.

    my in-laws have their supreme moments as well…thank gawd we can claim nearly 3000mi distance from them. LOL.

  5. Secretia says:

    That is something dramatic to deal with. Good luck with it.


  6. rage says:

    Perhaps they should start drinking again. Family drama sucks big time. Sorry you have to go through such BS.

  7. The art of differentiation of self among the undifferentiated family ego mass

  8. If my family was like that I would drink a lot too when I visited them. Usually I just eat so I don’t say anything that I am really thinking.

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